Alex: JellousyMature

So, i put myself on auto pilot and just ran, just like i did back home when i was walking somewhere. It was sometimes the best way for me to think. And right now my thoughts were full of Elyse. Her long smooth black hair, her lucious deep blue eyes that sometimes made you think you were looking into a pool of water. I guess i was falling for her. No shit i was falling for her.

         But i saw the way that her and Ian flirted. My best friend was slowly stealing her away from me. And my mind turned red with jellousy. I hated it. But thats what i had come to know.

           While we were running Elyse suddenly stopped. She was at a store full of dark-ish clothes. I didn't recognize the name of the store, but she ran in and after a few minutes came out with a pair of pants on. Thats good, being on the run is hard enough without having someone get sick from a cold or somthing. Though i did like seeing her panties. God im a perv sometimes.

So we continued running, this time through a back road. After what seemed to be an eternity we got to a more slummed down side of town and we started walking a bit. Ian and Elyse looked really tired, which is good becuase i was quite tired myself.

"We need to find somewhere to rest" Said Ian, sounding insanely tired.

"Well, theres a motel right there" Said Elyse, pointing at a somewhat scummy motel.

"Are you sure? I mean..won't we get recognized? I mean..i bet we are on every news channel in the country" I said nervously

"Hah. Like these bums get television, just come on." said Elyse chuckling a little

And we walked to the motel, the fear in my belly was growing to a anvil. I turned around and looked, and when i looked, i could have sworn i saw a man in a black cape watching us from an alley. But when i looked back, he was gone. I'ts official, im officially hallucinateing

The End

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