Ian- Get out aliveMature


"What do we do now?" I ask stupidly.

"Run!" Alex says, turning around I follow after him but just as we rounded the corner a pair of cops walking towards.  Both of us stop eyes wide and adrenaline pumping through our veins. The cops looked back in the same fashion. I grab Alex and turn him around and push him around the corner. The chase was on!  We ran as fast as we could possibly go , I hear the cops feet follow us and the sounds of  guns cocking. Three, two, one.

"Duck!" I say dropping into a slide grabbing Alex's shoulder bring his un-reflexive body down as the two cops shoot at us. BANG, BANG.    The wall in front of us suddenly had two new holes in it. our feet hit the wall and we both spring to our feet heading left.  A lone cop ahead of us barely aware of the situation stands frozen still.  I run ahead of Alex, and tackle the cop down to the ground grabbing his pistol. If these guys where going to be shooting us I'm going to be shooting back.  I punch the officer in the side of the head hard, he gives up and I quickly get to my feet the two behind us rounding the corner I hold the pistol up and take a shot missing the two cops, but scaring them back behind the corner. We both take off turning right and luckily finding a staircase.  Our hearts pounding and the alarms ringing, if this was a movie I would be thinking how cool this would be but in reality its fucking terrifying! at the top of the staircase a metal gate was  was slowly sealing.

" No no!" I shout jumping set of stairs just getting under it and placing a chair in the way to cover Alex's escape. I looked at him he looked tired and beat up, but fully aware.

"Come on!" I yell as we run run right into an massive empty hall, suited men taking guns out of there jackets. 

Time appears to slow as I look for an escape which happened to be behind us underneath a on ramp on the second floor.  Alex see's the exit and get a head start, I dart after him as more bangs go off. This definitely made us look like terrorists, but I think either way we where screwed. I close a door behind us and lock it behind us.

"That should give us a bit of time." I mumble as I notice we are heading towards an locker room full of equipment and bullet proof vests. I put one on quickly while taking a few more clips. Alex was ahead frantically looking for the next way out. He begins running again looks like he found it. I follow after him into another open lobby like room full of people. We burst through with  our adrenaline filled bodies the exit sealed off by metal sliders.

"SHIT! We aren't going to make it!"  I begin to stop, but Alex head to the desks.

Whats he doing? I ask myself then see the answerer as he jump onto the desk and starts searching for something, maybe there is a release. I think running after him. His head disappears underneath a desk as more gunshots ring out. I jump above the counter and  land in a crouch behind me.

"There it is." I hear him say as bullets hits the front desk.  I take a quick look up and see our get away opening up. I duck behind the desk again.

" okay now that we have a bunch of FBI shooting at us how we supposed to get across with out dying?" I ask. He crawls out.

" We prey to every deity there is we don't die." He says with the first bit of bravery he has ever shown me. He jumps up, I guess that was the only option there was. I throw my body over the desk as bullets skim by me Alex just a little farther ahead. I take the gun out and fire in the general direction of the FBI agents. They drop behind cover as Alex and I run into the darkness of the night.


About an hour later of scurrying in the dark, and thanking our luck we find ourselves in a close clothing mall that I broke into to get new clothing so we can't be recognized easily.

"I can't believer we did that or we doing this." Alex says still panting and shaking.

"Same here, and I think there is worse to come."  I add.

"What or who was that, who let us out of the cell?" He asks.

" I don't know but he doesn't seem human to me, but I think we owe him one."

"Ya." He says thinking about something.

We both walk out of the store carrying extra close so if the cops figure we stole the clothes they won't know which one we are wearing. I dump the extras in the subway.

"I wish I had an Idea of what to do now, or where to go." Alex says as we walk down the busy but yet dark streets of New York.

"Same, right now we need a place to rest, a place that will be safe so we can plan our next move. Because right now I feel like I'm going to drop any moment.

"Yeah." Alex agreed.  I clutched the gun in my pocket knowing this was going to be a survivla tool, a tool I might soon regret carrying. Once again we find ourselves after wandering along the streets and ultimately end up in central park

"You know we never got the name of that girl." I say.

"I don't think we will too." He laughed.

"She probably hates our guts." I say sitting down an the stone fence which acted as a barrier around the park.


The End

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