Everything was blur from the point the suited men brought us down the stairs till I woke up in a jail cell as they throwed Alex in and locked us in.

"Aren't we lucky?" I say with a bit of optimism.

"Lucky of what?"

"We're still allive, the explosion could have killed us." I say.

"Whatever we are now suspects or already convicted terrorist and our only defence is that we magically appeared here when we turned left."

"Well things can't get much worse." I say.

"We could get hung!"

"Is that legal in this state?" I ask.

"Just shutup. I just want to go home!"  He said turning away from me. I wanted to go home to, but now was not the time to think of home. Just away out of this, but how was I supposed to do that when everything looks so grim. I was in a cell with metalbars that not even the strongest man could bend, and electric lock with someone who has lost hope of survival.

"SHIT!" I kick the wall in anger.

"Having problems." A dark voice beyond the cell says. I look but only see a sihlouette of figure,"Let me be of assistance." 

The lock clicks open and he walks away both alex and I storm after him until we come around a come around a corner where he disapears.

The End

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