Alex- Interogated.Mature

After the police searched us back at the station, they relized me and Ian didn't even have passports. So they handed us over to a few men in suits who dragged us into a car and blindfolded us. 

"Great..this is all my fault isn't it?" I said quietly to Ian

"Shuttup dude, they think we're terrorists. Seeming guilty about somthing at this point is NOT a good idea " growled Ian quietly. 

  That made me shut up quickly.  The car stopped and we got pulled out and forced down some chairs. They whispered amongst eachother and suddenly i was alone in a room with a strong light shineing in my eyes.  I'm guessing Ian had gotten forced into a different room. A door opened and one of the men walked in. 

"Well well, your out pretty late on a school night arent you?" Said the man.

"...wheres my lawyer? I know my rights..." i said quietly

"Ah yes, AMERICAN CITIZENS get a right to a lawyer and a fair trial. Not weird random teenage boys with no passport, and no records in the american database. No doctor reports, no school records, nothing.. So let me ask you this, where are you from and how did you get here?" Said the man angerly.

If i told him, i'd probably get locked up in a loony bin. So i kept my mouth shut. 

"You know, i don't like torturing children...but terrorists? Oh i LOVE torturing them.  It saves lives, makes me think my kids are safe.  So let me ask you again. Where are you from. And how did you get here?" Said the man with a grin on his face.

This guy was a sick fuck. But, i couldn't say anything. No matter what it was going to hurt.  
He stopped smiling, he drew his arm back and punched me in the face. 

Next thing i knew, i was getting dragged to a cell where ian was sitting up. He had bruises all over his face and a black eye. He looked exactly how i felt. I was thrown into the cell beside him.  

The End

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