Ian: ouchMature

I wake up beside Alex on the curb dust and debris covering time square police sirens raging.  I push Alex until he wakes up.

"What do you want?" He groans.

"We have to go something bad happened here, and we magically just appeared in New york that isn't gonna look good when we get questioned by the police!"

"What?" He asks his brain still not workng.

"Just get up,and follow me!"  I say with dire frusturation,and luckily he does as he is told as he slowly wakes up.

A half an hour later we kind ourselves  at centeral park the light getting ever so darker.

"SHIT!" Alex yells.

"Shut up we are going to get ourselves out of this. I know my way around new york, just a bit. But still are we are going to have to do is get a map and walk ourselves back home!" I say. While he just gets angrier and we end up both raising our voices, and I anger reaching the point where I was just going to punch him out soon.

"Boys." A seductive voice said from above. We both look around until she catches our attention,"You look lost." She says with a grin.

" We...are" I admitted, but I knew there wasn't anything this girl could do for us especially when we tell her we live in canada british columbia, plus then she will think we are total nutjobs.

"A pity.......Would you like me to come down?"  She asked.

"We don't need your help." Alex scoffed. She turned around," I will be rate out there." She called. 

I looked at Alex and just realized he wasn't eyeing the girl or even trying to win a friendship with her which is what he usually does when we meet girls.

"Lets go, There is no way she can help us." Alex says.

"Hang on she can help us find the fastest way out of here. We'll just have to ignore the fact that we magically got transported here, saw time square get blown up, and everything should be fine if we just ask the easiest way to get back to the mainland."

"Whatever, I will leave the talking to you." He says still grumpy, I would have said he woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something but the fact is he did.  Through the glass doors I see the girl agian, she looked slightly gothic, with blue eyes. Alex suddenly started paying attention to her agian. I sighed a bit, please don't be an idiot Alex I thought.

"So where are you trying to go?" She questions us.

"Just trying to find an easy way to walk to mainland from here." I reply, while a police car drives by the officer eyeing us supicously but turns quickly disapears into the mess of traffic.

" I see where you heading?" She asks. I look at Alex quickly realising I had no real idea of the surrouning area of Manhatten.

"Uh...um." I scratch my head.

"Newark." Alex says.

"Oh okay Your going to have.." The police car comes around the corner agian but this time he pulls up beside us and gets outs.

" Yes we found the two missing youths from scene, along with another youth." He says into a radio.

"You two are under arrest for fleeing a crime scene, and possible connections with a terrorist organization." The officer says sternly, and in my head all I could think was we are so screwed, "And unfortunetly for you missy you have come in contact with said criminals you to must be taken for questioning."

"She isn't with us at though sir!She just bumped into us!" I say feeling like a horrible person for getting a complete stranger getting dragged into this. None of us try to  run knowing that would make us look worse, he begins handcuffing us.

"I didn't do anything wrong, you have no right to do this!" She shouts.  We are put into the back seat of the car. The officer slams the door and heads up front.  The girls gives us a glare full of white hot daggers.  A few minutes more of silence she asks.

"Who are you two, and what did you do?" I remain silent for a moment before I answere.

"I'm Ian , and this here is Alex,And I all can say is we are two people tha are in the wrong place in the wrong time."

The End

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