Elyse: Entering the ChaosMature

New York City was anything but peaceful, even in the dark of night. From my balcony overlooking Central Park, I could feel every vibration of the city below me. The sanctuary for misery that I so embraced. I had a burning cigarette in one hand and a copy of Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite in the other. In the apartment I called home, my older sister slept soundly, and all around me the world kept turning.

I let out a slow and steady breath, bring it up to my lips for another long, deliberate drag. As the tendrils of smoke extended their long fingers down my throat, I let my heavily made-up eyes droop shut. Madness...darkness...I could taste the changes in the atmosphere. I could feel disaster coming.

"Shit!" The shouted curse echoed down the street, slicing through the calm serentiy of the night. I felt the impossibly magical strands collapsing around me, tangling themselves in the lacy layers of my thick black skirt.

Curiously, I rose to my feet and approached the edge of the balcony. Peering over the cast iron fence, I took in with wide eyes the sight of two boys moving through the shadows with an uncertainty to them I could only find amusing. I watched for several minutes as they arguing, ashing my cigarette frequently.

At long last, I decided to end the game I was so quickly growing tired of. "Boys," I called out in an intentionally seductive voice. When they looked about frantically, I let out an icy laugh. "You look lost."

One of them looked up then, the older of the two. I offered them a chesire cat's grin. It was apparent they were both beaten up pretty badly.

"We...are," one admitted eventually. Taking a final drag, I dropped the butt down, just barely missing one of the pair.

"A pity," I murmured, wondering if they had heard me. Then, louder, I added, "Would you like me to come down?"

The second boy scoffed at me. ""We dont need your help," he shouted. I could only roll my eyes as I turned away.

"I'll be right there," I called out, stepping inside. Was I tempting danger? Of course. I didnt know these boys from the gangbangers I avoided walking the streets any other time. For all I knew, that moment could be the death of me. But then...I was always up for a little chaos.

The End

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