New YorkMature



"WE'RE IN NEW YORK CITY!?!" Alex yelled.  Ya I'am just surprised as he is. Well thats what I thought, until he said," We are so totally going to the Nintendo building!"

I just about fell over. I mean he doesn't care that we just randomly, out of the blue appeared in New York city?  This isn't an everyday sorta thing I mean, theres got to be a reason.

"Hey you coming Ian?" He asks.

"Ya by the way your going the wrong way its that way." I point. I was here last year on a band trip so I had a little bit of knowledge about the place.

"Hey, Alex aren't you slightly worried about the way we got here?" I ask.

"Well yeah, but I figure since we are here we should enjoy it a bit before we worry about everything else." He said sounding a little more level headed than myself.

"Ya I guess you have a point there."  I agree before we walk into the Nintendo building.


Hours later we walk done the busy streets of Manhattan hungry, and pretty dam cold.

"Alright how are we getting home?" Alex asks," I don't want to walk anymore, I'm so tired."

" I really have no idea. If we went to the police and they see we didn't cross the border, that may not look so good."

"And if we walk back to home which is practically on the other side of the continent, it will take us forever.

"Ye..."  BANG!  Behind us the whole of Times Square is engulfed in flames, and smoke.

"HOLY!" Boom, and explosion to our right goes off and flings us both across the street to unconsciousness.

The End

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