Alex: Left Onto Broadway..wait what?Mature

I guess i was filled with energy. Okay, thats an understatment.

For someone who failed P.E in grade 8, to be running around and jumping a lot took a whole bunch of energy. But did i tire? No.

So me and Ian walked the normal route downtown. It took a long time tho but by the time we got to the train  tracks we were both starving and ready for sushi. Ian was a bit down because of this girl his friend got too before he did but other then that he was his normal self, Making weird jokes and theorizing on stuff.  

So we finally got to the outdoor mall near the sushi store, when we saw our friends Older Brother and  girlfriend drive into the parking lot.  We decided to go see them. We had the normal sort of chat. Then turned back and started walking towards the sushi store. We had to turn left to cross the street. I heard a voice behind us say.

"Turn Left onto Broadway boys"  

I turned around but nobody was there.

"Whats up man?" Asked Ian

"Oh uh..nothing thought i heard  something" I answered still unsure of what i heard.

Ian looked at me for a second then we turned left. And all of a sudden we weren't in our small town anymore. We were surronded by tall sky scrapers, a crap load of people walking on the sidewalk around us, and a huge amount of traffic flying down the street. 

"Uhm...Ian where the hell are we?" I asked 

"Well...that sign says we are on Broadway" replied Ian nervously. 

"WE'RE IN NEW YORK CITY!?!" I yelled 

The End

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