Sons Of ChaosMature

Two ordinary teenaged boys take a left turn on a local town street and are plunged in a world of being wanted fugitives chased by every known angency in the united states plus a mysteriouse Demon Prince ,and his many servants keeps making things slightly harder.



An alarm shoots me out of my deep sleep at about 12 in the afternoon. I lazily hit the off button and fall out of bed. " I hate Sundays, actually I hate waking up." I say nursing an oncoming headache. About 15 minutes later I walk up to the kitchen when My phone starts ringing.

 "Ian its for you its Alex!" My mum calls from downstairs. I grab a nearby phone.

 "Hey." I say.

"Ian come one we're heading downtown today lets get some sushi!"

"Oh right, I'm kinda broke though."

"Don't worry about it. I have a twenty." Alex says kindly.

" Thanks see ya in a bit." I get off the phone and grab a dark jacket reaching just above the knees.It was the closest thing I could find to a trench coat.

"I'm heading out Mum I will be back in a bit."  It doesn't take me long to get to Alex's house he lives pretty much just above my house on a hill behind a short forest.

"Okay mom  he is here, I'm going!" Alex says behind the door before opening it violently. He isn't usually this energetic in the mornings, guess the thought of having sushi is pretty exciting for someone who sits in his room a lot.

"Hey, so we're going to the sushi place behind the gas station alright Ian." He says.


The End

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