Here is basically where I'll publish seemingly random pieces of writing that I've written when I've felt like writing. They may develop into more, they may not. But here goes, I guess.
Page 1: Something I wrote a while back, but thought I'd post. Simple little scene written from a dream I had, set in a sea, but by some rocks, and yeah.
Page 2: Something I wrote before I met my long-distance relationship boyfriend. It wasn't exactly how I imagined us to meet, and it certainly didn't happen like

Laughing, I re-surfaced, flicking a long, dark, wet fringe back from my face, tilting my head back in the water to smooth it down. We had swum into a shadier part of the water, the sun low enough to be hidden by the beige rocks, surrounding us like a small cavern, jagged but not rough.
                Twisting my body around to look for him, I felt a playful tug at my ankle, and my chin dipped into the water. As I was shaking for my release, he rose up inches in front of me, the same grin he always had; cheeky but not completely obvious. It was only for me to know about, seeing it countless times before; completely familiar. Tension increased as he lingered a little, breathing space away from my face, eyes fixed on each other. He began to close the gap, a smile twitched at the corners of my lips, and I turned, swimming to an edge where there was a soundly smooth rock, half underwater, with plenty of curves to sit in.
                Placing my hands gently onto a bump near the surface, I pulled myself effortlessly towards it, floating, and spun to face him, sitting down as I did so. I saw his eyebrow raised slightly, the side of his mouth hitched up into a small smirk, which I mimicked, and he took my hint to follow after me. Slowly, he lowered himself so that his eyes were just above the surface of the sea, creeping my way, small waves failing to avert him.

My entire body shuddered every few seconds; unable to contain myself, I could barely handle the anticipation of his agonisingly slow approach. When all I could see was his deep brown eyes, his lips emerging as he rose his head from the water, face perfectly shaped, with skin sun-kissed and flawless, the distance was not closing fast enough. I fought every urge to extend my arms to embrace him or pull him forward; I would only rush this perfect moment that was meant for slow motion.
                Eventually, his hands were leaning on the same rock, his arms by my waist, skin barely touching one another. Smiles disappeared, but the contentedness did not leave with it, they were simply replaced with infatuation, for each other. There may have been others, but at this moment in time, as we were alone, it didn’t matter who else there could be, before, now, in the near future or beyond.
                This was not love, but intense lust. There was no question about that. Not that I knew if there was any deeper emotion, I’d have been happy to love him in return; but all feelings were postponed until I knew there was. It never made anything easier, but it didn’t complicate things. Forbidden fruit: It always made everything more exciting.

His body, longer than mine, started to glide forwards over me, until his face was directly above mine. I felt his hot breath reach my nose, and blow around my cheeks, giving my arms goose-bumps, and a slight tingle coursing throughout my body.
                His black hair, impossibly darker now that it was wet, stayed spiked and ruffled above his head, rather than flopping down to drip salty drops over my face; the red scarf he tied around his forehead may have helped, but also emphasized his beauty.
                Instinctively, as he began to close the void space between us, my eyelids grew heavy and closed. I felt the tip of his nose run past mine, as his lips kissed the corner of my mouth, trailing down my jaw line and the side of my neck. I let out a heavy sigh as he stopped, raising his head back, and finally pressed his lips to my own.
                A firework is the wrong description when moments like this are told, so cliché-like. The burst is hotter, not like bright lights and the deafening bang. You’re too lost to hear any sound but that of each other’s. By this time, my hands had already reached to the back of his neck so that the ends of his hair were tickling my fingers. I probably didn’t realise how hard I was pulling him towards me, but he stayed stable.

He had finally let himself go, and the kiss turned more desperate, rupturing with the desire he held for me. The longing we shared for each other was insatiable.
                His body relaxed, as it sank softly to meet mine, my hand – that wasn’t grasping his neck so hard that it couldn’t move away from me – glided up his arm, beautifully toned.
                Lust wriggled itself through every inch of me, my legs came up and wrapped themselves around him, hugging him closer, and I felt him smirk again. His face pulled away slightly, and my grip lessened, his eyes bright and open were fixed on me like there was nowhere else he would ever want to be, and that if he ever looked back on his life, this was where he’d picture his best moment. I felt like the most amazing girl in the world.

A hand caressed down my thigh, and fingers creeped back up, up further, the sides of my crimson bikini top, then reached underneath, the sensation pulled his mouth back to mine like an electromagnet that just received electrical current.
                After a short time, they trailed back down my body and shifted around, rearranging garments until they betrayed their purpose. My eyes remained closed as he shifted some more, into position, perfect.

Like tectonic plates rubbing together, friction causing so much heat, the merging causing the peak of a mountain. The movement doesn’t let up. Heavy breaths are taken, plenty of them, rapidly. A mountain - or a volcano? The time draws closer, the volcano does not lay dormant for long, and when it erupts, everything held in is released. Emotions flow faster like the thick, hot lava, powerful enough to destroy anything attempting to stand in its way. Nothing could conquer this feeling.

It ended with heavy breathing, and tender kisses.

The End

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