The Best Medicine

Evan looked at this lovely girl, a stranger to him. She seemed relieved to hear him speaking and to know that he was okay. It felt good to have someone worried about him.  But...

had"Um..." he ventured, "do I know you?" Her eyes widened, and she seemed very nervous. A frightening thought occurred to him. "Dear God, do I have amnesia?"

All the tension melted away from her as she laughed heartily. It was so bubbly and infectious, Evan couldn't help but laugh along with her. When her mirth had passed, she said, "No, no. No amnesia. You... er, well, we don't really know each other. I just saw you get hit by the car and called 911."

And you came to the hospital to see me, Evan realized, touched. "Oh. Thank you! I guess that's inadequate, but I'm very grateful. I'm Evan, Evan Roken."

She laughed again. "I know. I'm Samantha Raijik."

His lip quirked in a crooked smile. "How often do people ask you to wriggle your nose?"

This time the humor bubbled up within her again, and it was a few moments before she answered. "Too often! I'm glad you didn't," she tossed back, amused.

Laughter is the best medicine, they say, but an even greater truism is that it is the beginning and strengthener of friendship...

The End

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