Yellow Light

Evan lay back in his hospital bed, trying to recall what had happened. The doctor had told him he'd been hit by a car and rushed to the hospital, but he wanted to remember for himself.

He'd been walking through a neighborhood, when he saw someone's face in a window. Then there was a flash of yellow, like bright light, and sharp red pain. He wasn't really aware of much after that, but he seemed to remember seeing a girl's face.

A round, moon-shaped face, wreathed with a halo of fair yellow light. Speaking to him, words he couldn't hear.

An angel?

How could she not have been, with that yellow light?

He had a sudden memory of his mother. She was lying in the bed, wasting away. Evan had been 4 years old and hadn't really understood what was going on. But he remembered holding her hand as he sat by her bedside, and they took turns reading to each other.

Eventually his mother no longer had the strength for reading, and Evan had been the reader from then.

And his mother would mumble, speaking words to him that seemed so important, critical even, but he could never hear what they were.

It had been like that with the girl in the yellow light...

And then the girl from his vision walked in.

The End

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