I looked through the address book, there were only maybe 40 names on the list. Lots of names, but no indication that he had a girlfriend, not even "Mom" or "Dad" had a place on the list, so I didn't know who to call to inform them about the accident.

After staring at the list of names for a while, I checked his messaging history. There werent any texts from today, but a couple from yesterday, mostly saying "Whts the hw 4..." So, he was in school. I tried to see which school, I didn't recognize him as from the high school, and I thought his face would be unmistakable, but the phone didnt carry any information on that either. Evan Roken was a mystery.


I must have sat there for hours, because finally, a nurse came out and said. "He's awake now, would you like to see him?" I nodded, standing up. I was nervous, he was a complete stranger, what would he think about having a girl he didnt know waiting in the waiting room to see him. I suddenly wished I had a get well card or something, but I didnt, obviously, and so I just gripped his cell phone tightly in my hand and followed the nurse.

The End

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