Speaking Without Sound

Everything was a blur for Evan. He was dimly aware that... something... had happened. All he could see was the face of the girl he had dreamed about. Startling blue eyes, light hair framing her rosy face, lips a beautiful natural pink untouched by lipstick--

Her lips were moving. Why wasn't she saying anything? Could she not speak?

He felt blackness start crowding in at the edges of his vision, then shrieking screams brought him back to semi-awareness. Screams that radiated red and blue light...

Was he being lifted up? The girl was still there, her lips still moving soundlessly. He tried to smile at her...


The emergency workers assumed I knew the guy, and I didn't disabuse them of that notion, hopping into the ambulance with the stretcher. My mom was calling after me, but I ignored her.

Sometimes a moment comes, and you know that, if you let it pass you by, you'll regret it forever.

The End

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