A miracle

"No!" I shouted, running down the stairs as fast as I could. The sickening screech and crash played over in my head. Again and again.

"Is everything okay Sam?" Asked my mom.

"No! Nothings okay!" I shouted, yanking the front door open and running out. The car was gone, the driver had backed up and run off, the coward. "Coward!" I shouted at the general direction of everywhere. I knelt down next to the boy who had gotten hit. "Can you hear me?" I fumbled in my pocket for my cell phone, calling for an ambulance as I looked into the unfocused eyes of the boy. "Stay with me, come on, can you hear me?" I looked at him, lying crumpled on the sidewalk. There didnt appear to be any blood, but that could be worse rather than better. His glasses were lying, cracked on the ground, I picked them up and slid them back onto his face. His hair was red and messy, his face would be what I called handsome, if it wasnt crumpled up in pain.

It felt like I was sitting there, talking to him, trying to keep him conscious, for hours by the time I heard the siren of the ambulance. The boy hadnt replied to anything I said, it seemed that it hurt him to talk. I hoped that the Amblulence brought a miracle with it.

The End

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