Evan Roken's eyes snapped open as his alarm blared. He reached out a hand to slap it into silence, and rolled over.

What had he been dreaming of? Something to do with... a book. A park. And a girl whose eyes were...


He felt something in his gut too.

Groaning, the 19-year-old college freshman stood up and dressed himself. It was six at night on Friday. He had no classes Friday, so he'd stayed up late Thursday night, playing Risk into the wee hours of the morning.

After taking a shower and finding some clean clothes, Evan decided to go for a walk. Some of the rowdier kids at the college got up to crazy things on Friday night, other more sensible ones got involved in special interest clubs or games.

But Evan liked to walk. He'd go through the campus, watching all the people, the laughter, the energy, the fresh air, the smell of dusk. He tried to be as unobtrusive as possible, but drew many looks anyway.

An inch over six feet tall and broad-shouldered, he was fit if not buff. Green eyes and strawberry thatch for hair, and glasses that made him look sophisticated rather than nerdy. Plenty of girls sent smoldering looks his way, and just as many sneered at him instead.

People seemed to either find him incredibly ugly or amazingly handsome; there was no middle ground, and he had no idea how his appearance could rate such opposite extremes.

But something always made him stand out. Maybe it was his quiet ease with walking outdoors. He was not an outdoorsman by a long stretch - he'd never done serious hiking - but walking across campus and out into the streets was something he enjoyed.

There was something about a walk at dusk. Or at dawn. Those transitional hours of the day, when the world seemed on the cusp of... something. Like something new and amazing was about to happen.

It never did, of course, but that anticipation always came back, every time he walked at dawn or dusk.

He felt it now, as he ambled along a suburban street a couple blocks away from the campus. A warm breeze ruffled his thistle-like hair.

Something was about to happen.

As the last rays of the sun stretched pink and orange fingers across a rapidly purpling sky, an odd intuition made him glance up at the second-story window of the brick house he was passing.

A girl was in the window.

Did he know her? There seemed something... almost familliar about her.

At that moment, a bright yellow convertible turned a corner too sharply and careened into him.

The End

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