Sometimes, you get that feeling. You dunno if its in your head or your heart or the pit of your stomach, but you know the feeling. The feeling that something's about to happen.

I felt it, just a little twinge. I didnt know what it was, but it was something. Something was good, much better than the nothing I'd felt for a long time now.

Sorry, I suppose I'd better introduce myself. My name is Samantha Rajiik, I guess somewhere in my heritage I was Arabian. You'd never guess though. I've got light blonde hair, naturally, very fair skin and medium blue eyes. I'm neither short, nor tall, just average. Thats the way I'd describe me, but I guess it takes an exceptional person to tell you your exceptional.

Thats how I thought it was, with Jake. Jake Deberay, who'd I'd thought for the better part of my high school career was the cutest guy in my class, with his dark hair and light tan. He'd told me I was beautiful, and for the very first time, I believed it. We'd dated for a few months, over the summer, all I can remember is happiness. But in September, everything change. I began focusing more on my books than I did him, and he stopped wanting to be around me. Stopped calling me beautiful, he wanted to see me change, wanted me to forget about school when he was around, wanted me to dye my hair blonde and get it cut short. When I didnt comply, he vanished for a couple weeks. When I saw him next, he had a blonde--dyed--tall, girl giggling under his arm. I was heartbroken, I poured myself wholeheartedly into my books, both text and novel, but I no longer felt a passion for anything. I wasnt happy, I couldnt allow myself to be sad. I felt nothing, for a long time.

Then, it was today. Today, I felt something. It wasnt an ordinary something either. I stood quickly and dashed to my window. Something was about to crash land on my street.

The End

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