After School Brawl.Mature

"...And so I said to him, 'man you're doing it all wrong!" I smiled and nodded along as Sean told me a story about something he and his friend had did before school this morning.

I didn't really want to be here, all of my friends were acting wierd around me and something just felt different today. I couldn't put my finger on it but there was that feeling inside my stomach that something was going to happen today.

"Rachel? are you even listening?" Sean asked me after a minute.
I blinked at him and nodded.
"Yeah. Funny story Sean." I said absently. Sean laughed and lightly pushed my shoulder.

"You're such a liar Rachel. You blanked out on me again!" He said as he shook his head. I bite my lip and shrugged.
"Not my fault your stories are boring." I teased. He chuckled and rolled his eyes.

I grinned at him and continued walking down the pathway that lead to the school front gates. School had just finished so we were on our way home.

Just as we reached the gates, we could hear shouting and laughing from a group of teenage boys. Sean pushed me behind him slightly as we walked through the gates.
My eyes widened when I saw that Taylor was in the middle of c circle with another male I didn't know the name of.

Sean cussed and pushed his way through and stood in front of Taylor to protect him.
"Back off." Sean snarled at the teenagers. A few of them hesitated and backed away, the one in the middle of the circle with Taylor laughed and cracked his knuckles.

"No way." He said to Sean and walked up to him and tried to punch him.
Sean ducked his swing and caught his arm. He wrenched the males arm behind his back and growled something into his ear.
The males face paled slightly. Sean pushed him away and watched as he stumbled forward then quickly ran off with his freinds following closely behind him.

I rushed over to the bleeding Taylor and touched his face gently.
"Are you alright?" I asked him softly.

The End

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