Screaming MatchesMature

 Everyone ate at the dinner table and left without a single word, which didn't suprise me. Mom and Dad hated each other, no matter how hard they tried to keep up appearences, they could mask the anger in their voices when they scream at each other.

 I was headed to bed after showering and brushing my teeth, the lights were off when I got to my room. When I closed the door I heard Logan breathing softly, right at the point of falling asleep. I began to lay my head down softly, closing my eyes and ready for the days events to be done with. That's when the screaming began to take place.

 They sounded like eagles screeching, except more vicious than any eagle could be.

 " Damnit Evan," Mom screamed and I heard Logan awaken next to me, " I know that I work late, but you're the one who never wants to spend time together!" Logan got up and moved toward the door, looking over at me and motioning for me to come over.

  " Oh yeah Karen it's always my fucking fault!" He hollered and I thought I saw Logan flinch, " Besides we hardly even have any money, let alone any to go out and do anything!"

 I let out a sigh, This was going to be going on for a while, no doubt about it. They went into the usual, 'Our sex life sucks' and 'oh think about the children'. Yeah, like they'd ever done that once in their entire lives. I shook my head and sat down, ready to burst into tears, but I resisted that urge.

 They continued to scream for at least ten or fifteen more minutes, there was no real way to know without a clock, which we didn't have. When they finally stopped their voices were hoarse, and to darken the mood, Scott had heard them from his room. Mom rushed in to comfort him, telling him it was just a bad dream that seemed real.

 " I wish it was just a nightmare..." I said softly, the slightest hint of a sob in my voice. That's when Logan did something he hadn't done in a long time. He gave me a reassuring hug, it was quick but at least he did it, because if he hadn't I would've probably burst into tears.

 I closed my eyes on the bed and breathed slowly. Maybe my luck would change and I'd see Rachel or Sean tomorrow at school maybe, but then I didn't want to get my hopes up of someone actually caring.

The End

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