I sat up in my bedroom staring down at my hands as thoughts of how the day went replayed inside my mind.
Overall it was a good day, I had alot of fun with Sean and I was glad that we both came home smiling.

But thoughts of Taylor were at the forefront of my mind tonight. The image of his blue eyes going from semi-relaxed to scared worried me.
It made me wonder just what was said to him that had put such raw fear into his eyes.

Had someone threatened him? Was he some kind of trouble? Had something happened? I didn't know what to think, and everytime I'd ask Sean what he  thought it might be he'd just shrug and say, "It's none of our buisness. Just leave it alone Rachel."

But I couldn't. Something or someone had scared him. And I wanted to know what or who it was. Then I wanted to help him in every way that I could.
I don't care that I  hadn't know him for long, but I know that he was a good person. And good people never desereved to have that look of pure fear etched into their gaze.

I got up from my bed and walked over to my window and stared out of it.
I wondered where he was and waht he was doing.
Was he safe?
I shook my head and tried to push the thoughts away, but they wouldn't leave my mind. They were there to stay.
So I took that as a sign that I was mean't to help Taylor. Whether he wanted my help or not I didn't care.
Come hell or highwater, I was going to take that fear out of his beautiful blue eyes.

The End

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