Home sweet hellMature

 I couldn't keep my eyes off Rachel, I really couldn't, she was absolutely beautiful, but she would never be into me. I was nervous as we continued to talk, the reason being all my former 'friends' either abandoned me or wanted me dead. So I didn't want to be close to anyone, I just didn't want to hurt anymore. But these two seemed different, like they actually did care.

 We talked softly for over thirty minutes, they even got me to smile slightly once or twice. Then I was startled as the phone in my pocket began to ring, I pulled it out and I saw my mother's contact number on the screen. I could tell my face turned pale, and the air in my lungs left me for several seconds until I finally answered. My voice was shaking, and when I answered she screamed loud enough all 3 of us jumped.

 " Taylor get your ass home NOW!" She screamed and I flinched, trying to fight back the tears and fear, " You know when I come home I don't have time to cook, so get back here before I kick your ass!" I  got up quickly, Rachel and Sean both asking me what was wrong.

 " I- I just need to go home," I stuttered getting up in a rush, " I'm sorry I need to go-"

 " Taylor wait, just a minute," I turned as he spoke and he shoved a piece of paper in my hand and looked me in the eyes, " Call me sometime if you need to talk." I nodded and ran as quickly as I could to get home.

  When I got there Logan was back up, when I entered the door he snickered. That's when mom came storming in, Scott behind her whining about how hungry he was, when mom reached me she was screaming, loudly.

 " Taylor damnit where the hell were you!?" I was about to answer but she kept screaming at  me, " You know I don't have time to  cook when I get home because I've worked for 18 fucking hours straight at the office. And you can't even fucking be bothered to help out!" She looked like she was about to attack with her long nails. She continued to scream at me as I backed up against the wall as she conitinued to scream, her long golden blond hair flailing wildly.

 When She finally stopped she followed me to the kitchen to make sure I got started and then left with one final curse word. Logan walked in laughing histerically as I started cutting up the vegetables to make the stew, which was really the only thing I could cook without instructions.

 " Well, well, well if the housewife isn't finally home," He snickered and I grimaced as he continued, " It's about time you finally got back i the kitchen, after all it's where you belong." He then slapped my butt and I barely missed his face with my swing.

 " Just back off asshole," I snarled, " I'm not in a good mood."

The End

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