In the middle of the woodsMature

 I must have walked around the city for at least 3 hours, never stopping, just trying to blow some steam and keep from crying. But I couldn't find the solace I was looking for, all I found was a deep part of the woods where I could shed a few tears in peace. I didn't bawl, just shed a few tears to help rid me of the tightness inside of my chest.

 That's when I heard laughing and foot steps, I got up and turned to see a boy walking in my general direction with a girl, they were both laughing slightly, they didn't see me yet, and I prefered it that way. The boy had short, wavy jet black hair, a nice tan, and dark blue eyes that looked like the ocean.

 The girl had deep emerald green eyes that seemed to dance in the sunlight, beautiful locks of brown hair, and a very light tan. I was transfixed on her as I stood back behind a tree, waiting for them to pass, but they didn't, they stood there giggling and laughing.

 " Ah Sean," The girl said, "It's so good to get out of that damn house, it gets really stuffy in there after a while." The guy, Sean laughed happily agreeing wholeheartedly, and unfortunately they were blocking the only easy way out of the little clearing, so obviously we would be meeting each other in a moment, no matter how much I didn't want to speak.

 I sighed and moved out from behind the tree, the girl jumped back in suprise, but the boy only scoffed a little.

 " Wow Rachel," Sean turned to her with a look of suprise, " You really didn't realize he was back there, dear lord I thought you were smarter than that." He was teasing but I could tell he was serious about being aware of my presence, how could he have known I was watching them when I hadn't even made a peep?

 " Jesus Christ kid you scared the crap out of me," Rachel looked at me a little irritated, and I shot her back an equal look, " And Sean I did know, I just didn't think he would just jump out like that!" Sean rolled his eyes and turned to me, and looked me up and down quickly, not in a menacing way, just like he was looking at what I was wearing and what not.

 " Well Rachel, he didn't really jump out," Sean said, " He just walked out from behind the trees, well I guess it would've been kind of scary if he screamed out boo..."

 Well this was just great, on one side you have an irritable, hot headed girl, and on the other side you have her apparently psychic brother who for some reason takes great joy in teasing people.

 Well great, can my day get any better?

The End

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