Something About Poems.

Do they teach or inform?
We were taught poems, the meaning and the style, the background and the contents... But do we really understand them?
For me, poems are hard.  Hard to understand, hard to analyze, hard to read... But they teach me what should be understood in life.  The beauty of nature, the appreciation of love, the desperation for peace...

Now, when people (when I say "people", I'm generally referring to some of my highschool mates who are forced to deal with poems for their English classes) are complaining how these poems are useless and sees nothing but simple alliteration and rhyme schemes, I've come to realize my passion for them.  Although sometimes they're difficult to understand fully, I think that's the point of them... They're not suppose to tell us something directly; they're describing what the others don't seem to understand, what the poets' absurd points of view for the world are... I can't say that I'm a poetic person, but I seem to understand and think in similar patterns as the famous poets.  I'm not a great fan for the literature, but I'm always amazed how they can thrust their hands into my heart and grab it so easily...

I cannot express fully my contradicting emotions for them, but I have to admit that I'm leaning towards the 'love' part more than the 'why are we doing this?!'.
Wordsworth... Keats... Byron.... These are the poets that I am familiar with now.  Hopefully there will be a lot more than those three later in the future.

Meanwhile, I should sit back and enjoy the chilly weather of Autumn with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands, listening to the same music that brought me here last year and appreciate the things that happened today.  Tomorrow is coming and I'll welcome it by keeping myself content.  It's not nice to draw a sad face when guests are here to visit, right? It'd be gone in one day anyway.  Then other will come, and I'll do the same.


Side note: I wrote this when I was in high school. Just found it when I was browsing through my old files. Reading back to old writings that I did never fail to amuse me.

The End

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