Conversation with a KillerMature

"Hey, at least I didn't make you..." I started, but then stopped. I thought - no, knew - that I'd heard something. I stared at Sofia for a second, and she nodded. Under the bed.

In an instant, I had the bed flipped, derringer aimed. There lay a man with a .45 caliber pistol in his hands. "Well," I said, "Looks like we found our killer. Who sent you?"

He lay there, silent, looking from me to Sofia and back again. Of course, I thought. A local. He wouldn't understand much English.

I knew most people could understand French in this area, so I tried asking, “Qui vous a envoyé pour tuer cet homme?”

“Baakir Sekibo!” Suddenly, the killer was a conversationalist – maybe he didn’t like the king’s rule any better than we did. “Il voulait que le patron de la mafia morts pour qu’il puisse contrôler appartenant au bossage!” He’d said that Sekibo had wanted the boss dead so he could control the boss’s mafia soldiers.

“Qui d'autre dans la mafia est-il ici faire des affaires avec?” Who else in the mafia is he here to do business with?

“Les patrons des deux autres familles - je ne sais pas quels sont ceux qui.” Sekibo was working with two other crime families, then. I figured that was all I’d get out of the guy, so I shot him in the chest.

Maybe not the most intelligent thing in the world to do…As soon as the slug hit him, there was an explosion that threw me against a wall, and I fell. When I got up, I noticed a tremendous pain at the base of my skull. I touched the site of the pain, and my hand came back covered in blood. That’s when I blacked out.

The End

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