Murderers in the WardrobeMature

The mafia boss was laying on the floor, gun in hand.

"Shit." I flipped him over, the bullet had entered through his forehead and didn't seem to have left his head. "I don't think he did this himself."

"Then who the fuck did?"

"How am I supposed to tell from a shot and a dead guy - I'm no forensic expert!"

"Well. Whoever did this. Will still be here."

"How close?"



I got out of my crouch and looked about the room. Bluie poised and ready in case.

"You check the cupboard."

"Me? You wouldn't even get me to help with your bloody truck."

"Well, now I'm letting you do something."

"How courteous for you." I crept to the cupboard, ready to shoot. The door creaked open and... na da. Not a sausage.

"Could they have jumped from the window?"

"come off it - I couldn't even jump that."

"I was just saying."

"Yeah and I just had to check for murderers in the wardrobe."

The End

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