Sorting the grease from the liesMature

Huran took me to his hotel and ordered his guards back to the nightclub. When I'd managed to get him to his room - and trust me it wasn't difficult, he started to strip.

He muttered into my skin, kissing my lips then trying to pull more clothing off. Soon we were both naked in the half light of the Moroccan night. He was hard and I felt him press himself against me, desperate to throw me onto his bed. He felt his way down my thigh.

"A gun?" His eyes flashed with a sudden 'shit!'

"Protection - you can never be too sure." I chucked bluie onto the dresser, making sure the safety was on.

"I see. I'm glad it's gone though - I'm sure I'm not scary." He allowed his hands to wander again, this time to my breasts, he kneaded the nipples and kissed the skin so gently as to not be too rough.

""Can I ask you a question." I'm going all out on this...

He lifted his head. "Only if it gets you into the bed with me." And he went back to his breast-kissing.

"How kinky are you?" I felt his mouth spread into a very happy sort of smile - too happy.

"What sort of kinky baby?"

"Tyeing up?"

"You or me?"

"How about you first then me?"

"I like the way you think." ...


As soon as I tied him up and had put a blindfold on him I put my clothes on and grabbed bluie, pulling the safety off.

"What are you doing baby?" He was grinning from behind the blindfold.

"So, how did you get Baakir into power?"


I walked over and put the gun to his head. "I said - how did you get Baakir into power?"

"I'll never tell bitch. I can call my guards - they're only outside."

"Don't you remember? You sent them to the nightclub - and i can get away much quicker than they could ever get me. So are you going to tell me how Baakir into power or are you going to make me use my friend bluie here?" I clicked the safety on and off again, just to show him I was serious.

"I'll never tell."

"Oh yes? I'm sure you wife would love to know how you got here."

"I'd rather die with her disgraced than Baakir disgraced."

"Selfish sonofabitch, do you not realize how long this took." I smiled. "Oh well." and clicked the safety twice again.

"I'm still no-" BANG. He laid starkers on the bed in his death, he looked to pathetic. Why did everyone who died naked look so venerable. As if it wouldn't be their fault if they'd pulled the trigger themselves. OK, I know it was only a short interrogation but I'd learned that after three times of saying he won't tell - if he said anything it would be a lie. No point in wasting time.

It was such a waste though. He was a good kisser, and lets just say his, erm, privates weren't too bad either. I pulled my coat on and jumped down the balcony, climbing from level to level, the nightclub was only across the road, my bike was locked there.

I got on the back and went to find Josh. Maybe he had more information. Hopefully it wouldn't be another dead end with him. although if it was I'm reporting to one of the un-found TTI safe-houses and getting another one to work on.

I revved the Thundercat and took off to where I knew Josh was working tonight. I'm sure by now he'd be finished with whatever he was doing - it was nearly 2am.

The End

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