Soldiers of FortuneMature

In the year 2025, a group of mercenaries enter Morocco seeking to aid military factions in a civil war.

I sat in the seat of my Jeep – one of the old military models I’d rescued from a junkyard and restored, and now, it worked like new – enjoying my lunch consisting of some bread and bottled water. It was all I had to eat that day, aside from a chocolate bar and soda.

As I finished my bread and screwed the top back onto my water, I noticed a couple sitting at a bench a few yards away. They didn’t seem that out of the ordinary – until one of them pulled a gun and shot a man a few feet away from them, then both of them dragged him into a truck and drove off. Another attack by Baakir Sekibo’s secret police, I just knew it. It was nothing I hadn’t seen before – every day, someone was being tranquilized and dragged off by the President’s enforcers, being accused of some crime or another. It was difficult not to commit some form of “crime” with all of the man’s ridiculous new laws in place.

That was why I was here in Morocco, to stop this tyrant. No one could find Sekibo’s rule just, not given what he did. I was here with the private military company, Triple Threat International, to put a stop to it all.

My boxer, Alex, sitting in the back seat, stuck his head in between the two front seats and licked at my hand. I gently pushed his head away to get him to stop, and then started up the Jeep and prepared to drive off.

Half an hour later, I was in the jungle, following a very old dirt road through the undergrowth, when a small explosion sent my vehicle tumbling over onto its side. I crawled out quickly and pulled Alex clear – he was banged up, but he’d tough his way through it. He’d been perfectly fine after worse. I grabbed my Heckler & Koch MP7 and raised it to eye level, searching for my attackers. Suddenly, a hail of bullets came from my right. I turned – though the speed with which I did so made the two scars in my stomach burn as though they were fresh bullet wounds, but never mind, I’d deal with it later -  and prepared to fire, but saw only Sofia Ruiz, one of my colleagues also from Triple Threat.

The End

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