Soldier Side

Um, this is just something I thought of while listening to music. I feel it isn't very good, but I'm going to post it anyway. Please comment on it and tell me how many people find thousands of grammatical errors so I can fix them. thanks! c:

   Turning around to survey the field, the soldier became very aware of how his army was losing the battle. he couldn't hear voices over the bombs and artillery fire, but he could guess as to what they were saying to each other. "We can't hold them back!" "This war was a mistake!"  Tears stung in his eyes.  What the hell were they even fighting for? they had been fighting for years, the same battle where either side had yet to be victorious.  With a loud boom, his mind turned black for a brief moment and he found himself lying on the ground.  He had been hit.  All he could think of was pain and his family back home. His beautiful wife who never understood why he enlisted in the military, his adorable little girl, she was just beginning to walk and now she would be without her daddy.  He thought of his mother and father, and how they had always been so good to him and how he took it for granted everyday growing up.
  With one final shaky breath, he closed his eyes and his life left him.

The End

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