Adelle: Home

The chirping of birds and rustling of several forest animals around me brings me back to the present. For a few minutes I sit, staring up at the green canopy of leaves above, trying to remember why I got here.

Giving up on the remembering, I get up off the muddy I had previously being lying on and stretch, hands above my head, wings flat out behind me. 

With a gasp, my memories spring back to me. I drop my arms and loosen my wings. I think me and Lye broke up. We're we either a thing? 

I then proceed to give up contemplating that and my thoughts return, instead, to my sisters Lisa and Lucy. 

Answering to the pang in my chest, I make up my mind. Flapping my wings, I head up into the air and fly straight. 

After a few minutes of flying, I catch sight of the barn below. Four shapes standing in a circle talking. 

I float where I am in the air for a while before turning my back on them. I don't need others. I have managed the last year on my own and I can continue that way. And so, instead I head out to the distant blue expanse of ocean, one thought on my mind: my sisters' birthday. 

If I fly straight, catching a lift on a boat as I go, I can reach the UK in a days time. Plenty time to head back home and find them both a present. 

Mind made up, I set off on the long journey home. 

The End

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