I was a little lost. Lost among the confusion of what happened today. Quinn had fully closed up on information about this enemy we were supposed to be facing but honestly it wasn't my biggest worry at the moment unless they decided to turn up again. Instead my mind was swarmed with worry over Avian and confusion over my feelings for Adelle.

I started with Adelle. I had kissed her and not only kissed her but passionately. It had been very intense even more so when she had touched my wings. It had felt strange. I'd felt a light shoot through me warming my heart while a cold shadow curled down my spine making me want to tremble. I wondered if it was cause of her elements. I was guessing so.

It made me start to wonder what she'd feel if I had touched her wings instead. Earth... then would my weather also be involved. The fast wind of the tornado.

What really mattered though was how I felt about her. I didn't love her. It was too soon for that but there was a catch in my breath when I saw her and a small ache in my heart when I had pulled away from her. Really though I felt like I was forcing things a bit. Forcing feelings and forcing myself to be with her cause it was me who had made the first move. I had started this.

I groaned irritated and pushed a hand back through my hair. The way I thought about things made me sound like a right jerk but in the end it was how I felt. Glancing over at Adrian and Brian to check they were asleep I then got up and snuck over to the window. I pushed it open and slid out to sit on the windows ledge. I looked out at the stars thinking next about Avian.

She was so confusing. She was close then distant. Distant then close. Today she had confused me over her furious attitude over me and Adelle. I had at first assumed she was jealous and had feelings towards me but quickly dismissed that. Just like me and Adelle we had only know each other a couple of days.

So when she had said it was cause of an old loved one in her life that apparently I reminded her of, well, that made a lot more sense. Then we’d gone and had a cup of tea which had been nice. A calm talk over worries then off to bed.

I looked at the stars and started tracing patterns when I heard something moved above me. I frowned and jumped out flicking my wings up and down to stay afloat. Up on the roof was Adelle. She smiled at the sight of me. “Hi”

The End

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