His lips were warm. 

I have never been kissed before. 

My eyes close as warmth spreads over me. 

As the the air in my body begins to deplete, the need for more oxygen breaks through my mind.

With great reluctance, I pull away, taking a deep breath of sweet smelling air as I do. I then look into his brown, silver speckled eyes.

"That was," I pause, looking for the right word, "unexpected." I say, havi g found the right word, "but nice. Very nice." I add.

He keeps his arms around my body and leans his head into my neck. I lift my own arms and link them together behind his neck.

"What's happening? I nearly know anything about you." He says, his voice slightly muffled. 
I sigh. What is happening? I have never kissed or felt anything for a guy before. Why now with Lye when we have finally found others? An idea then pops into my head and, hesitantly, I voice it.

"I have no idea. Maybe it's something to do with what we are?" I say, hoping I haven't just killed the mood. 

To my delight, he lifts his head from my shoulder and brings his lips back to mine. Relief and a feeling of righteousness fills me.

"We really should get back." I say, thinking of the others but his lips... "But I really don't want to." I add in, smiling.

"They'll notice were gone," I agrees, making my heart sink.

He pushes me against the rough wooded barn behind us, his lips continuing to press against mine. 

"They will be worrying," I say, my hands instinctively roving down his back to feel his wings.
Immediately, he freezes and he removes his lips from mine, returning his head to my shoulder. His breathing is ragged and fast, sending chills down my spine.

"I'm sorry, that was too far,wasn't it?" I say softly, moving my hands from his wings to his upper arms and push him off, half hoping he will resist but he allows it, lifting his head from my shoulder to look at me.

"That felt so weird but so nice." He says. I smile, feeling my cheeks redden. 

"First time for everything" I say as my eyes flicker to the barn, the faint sounds of talking continues on heedless of us.

"We should go in." He says with an awkward cough.

"Yeah, we should" I add, pushing from the barn wall and smoothing my top down.
We enter the barn to eight identical stares. I don't let it bother me.

"Hello everyone!" I say lightly, plastering a smile on my face, "time for a nice long proper chat!" 

I glance over at Aidan who's shot wing is sitting out glancing against the barn as he breaths.
"Starting with that shooter." I add, looking directly at Quinn. A quick glance back shows Lye leaning against the wall.

"It's nothing." Quinn says, trying to get out of it. But I don't allow it and neither, it seems, will Aidan.

"Nothing!?" He all but shouts, "how is getting shot in the wing nothing?"

"Well..." Quinn tries but stops, looking awkwardly at the floor.

"No need to get snappy." Brian says, taking a step closer to Quinn

"I think the big gaping hole in his wing is reason enough to be snappy." I say defensively. "All we need is an answer from Quinn. Then we will leave her be." I add softer.
"It's just some government people." Quinn says, still staring at the ground.
"That are ok with shooting innocent people?" I say, fighting to keep from shouting. 
"Yes. Just government people." She repeats infuriating me further. 
"I want a better answer. You know who they are. I know you do. And you are not leaving until you tell me." I say, anger flaring. 
I feel my control of light shift slightly, causing my eyes to glow a golden yellow. I turn a full circle, allowing them all a glimpse of how serious I am.

The End

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