The Move

Seeing Avian back made me feel tense I don't know why. Especially with her stood right next to Adelle. My mind was throbbing in my head distracting me from the words of the people around me. Something about taking action and all that against this corporation. I don't know. That was really much my problem at the moment. 

Soon enough though I was excusing myself from the barn. I went outside and leant back against the wall pushing my hand back through my hair.

"You okay?" I looked up to see Avian watching me from about a meter away. My eyes strayed over her seeing something icy on her finger tips.

I sighed and stretched. "I guess" I muttered. "Don't you feel its all too much?" She nodded quietly and stood leant against the wall next to me. "I'm sorry"

"What for?"

"Scaring you off" I said blaming myself and scuffing my shoe against the gravel. "We have only know each other a couple of days"

"You were only trying to be friendly" Avian replied looking away from me. Her breathing had seemed to have picked up and she scratched at the wall behind us. I watched ice spread over the wall and jumped away staring at it.

My sudden movement caused Avian to jump her fingers leaving the wall and when they did the ice melted out. I laughed suddenly Avian watching me utterly confused. "You have your weather!" I said.

"It's my birthday. I think that is what activates it"

I moved to her tugging her into a hug before she can stop me. "Happy birthday" I said. Avian's whole body tensed and soon enough I did when I realized my mere friendly hug was maybe pushing things a bit to far. I began to pull back but was caught by Avian's icy blue eyes to anyone else it probably looked like a seriously awkward hug.

I was staring at Avian with my arms around her waist. While, Avian was as stiff as a bored shock and confusion all over her face. She seemed to be having some weird internal battle over what to do and how to react. 

That was when I heard footsteps and turned to see Adelle. Anger flashed over her face for a split second before behind hidden. I quickly let go of Avian. "Did you know it was her birthday?" I rushed out.

"Yes" Adelle said shortly, without making eye contact which made me feel cold in my core. Gosh, what had that looked like to her? 

"We should celebrate" I comment hoping to lift Adelle's spirits. I just knew she'd like the idea.

"No, I'd rather not" Avian stated.

"Oh come on please?" Adelle jumped in but completely blanked me. Shoot, I'd obviously done something to anger her.

"I think we have enough to worry about. Lets get back to the others" Avian said seeing the tension before rushing back into the barn.

Adelle looked at me seeming to consider to say something. "We should go as well." she told me whilst walking towards the barn. I reached out and caught her wrist stopping her. She turned to me and gave me this look which made me feel guilty. "So now you will pay attention to me?"

I winced and now realised what I had been doing to get Adelle so angry at me. "I'm sorry"

"Don't mention it. Are we going to the shed or not?"

I knew things weren't better and strangely I felt a little sick with things being like this. A confidence grew in me as I looked at her. "No" I stated simply pulling her to me in a swift movement before lowering my lips to hers.

The End

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