Birthday girl!

As it was starting to get late, we decided to disperse with a promise of meeting again the next day.

With the promise still on my mind, and the image of Adains shot wing flashing across my vision, I took a hold of the steadily growing shadows around me and made them cuddle my body until I was all but invisible to the naked eye.

After a long fifteen minute flight, I found a clearing which seemed suitable enough to sleep in and so headed down to get comfy.

* * *

Tweets and caws from various birds seep into my dream as I slowly open my eyes.

Around me, the warm summer air tries desperately to get past the shadows I didn't remove last night.

With a deep breath, I send the shadows away, murmuring a quiet thank you as they leave. The warm air dive bombs me, getting rid of the cool air from my shadow blanket.

As my mind finally joins my body in waking, I sit up and take a red bull from my backpack/pillow to wake me up further.

Energy drink surging threw my body, I am able to get up from the ground, shake the leaves from my back and admire my surroundings.

Trees. Mud. Bark.

Having grown bored of my surroundings, I take up to the air to give my wings a little exercise.

The smile returns to my face as the air, much warmer high up, cuddles my body and the familiar flapping of my wings drums its way into my head.

Seeing a strange fog in the trees, I alter my course to see what it is.

I give up on looking for a good gap to fly in and instead crash land through the trees, making enough noise to wake the entire forest, dead and alive inhabitants.

To my right, recovering from the sudden crashing and yelping, I see Avian turning around from an ice sculpture.

The sane part of my mind tells me it is too hot for ice to be made but the part that is in agony from the fall, cheers at the site of a familiar person.

"Hello Avian!" I call cheerfully as I get up from my position happily noting there are no broken bones.

"Hi Adelle." Avian replies a tad less cheerfully.

"Are you making the ice?" I ask as I start to walk towards her, unable and partly unwilling, to hide the awe in my voice.

"Yes." She answers shortly.

"Your element ice by any chance?" I ask now standing next to her, admiring the ice sculpture of a handsome young man.

"I think my weather is ice." Avian says slowly, judging my reaction.

"Sweet! When did you gain an element?" I ask her, noticing the wary look in her eyes but ignoring it.

"Today." She says, turning to look away.

"How old are you?" I then ask, turning to look back at the sculpture.




"Happy birthday!" I call out cheerfully.

"Thanks." She says, smiling slightly.

"Well," I say, reaching back to pull my backpack of my shoulder, "all birthday girls deserve a cake!" I say as I take out a small rectangular tin. Opening it, I reach in and take out a large chocolate muffin, I reach back into the pack and take out a can of red bull.

"Happy Birthday." I say, handing her the gifts. "Sorry it's not much, but it's the thought that counts."

I watch as she takes a step back, shaking her head.

"No, you don't need to, it's fine." She tells me.

"Oh come on, please?" I plead, taking a step towards her before changing my mind and taking a step back. "I promise I haven't poisoned it. I'm not some scientists experiment out to hunt others like me!" I say and watch as the smile returns.

"If I eat one too. Will you accept the presents?" I ask, reaching back in my bag.

"Fine." She says, defeated. I smile triumphantly, take a muffin out the tin and take a bite.

Hesitantly, she takes the muffin and red bull from me.

"Thank you." She adds as she opens the can.

"No need." I say before taking another bite.

With the muffins and red bull gone, I turn back to the sculpture, "who is he?" I ask her, making my voice gentler so as not to sound as rude as usual.

"Jack," she says I notice her eyes watering as she looks at the statue.

"What happened?" I ask her softly.

"He died." She says, turning away from the statue, clearly not wanting to continue the conversation. For once in my life, I do not push.

"Want to go back to the farm with me?" I ask her, letting my wings out.

"No, it's fine. I think I will stay here."

"You have to come! There's more like us! Aren't you exited? Curious?" I ask.

"Not really." She says but I can here the untruth behind her words.

"Come for an hour. Then, if you want to, you can go." I bargain, whilst promising myself I will not allow her to leave.

"Ok." She sighs, letting her own blue wings out from cuddling her body.

"The wings really suit your weather." I tell her admiringly.

"Thanks," she smiles again as we both jump into the air. Above the trees, I look around, no idea where we are.

"Any idea what way to go?" I ask,

"Nope." She answers, starting to grin.

"Well then, time for my good luck charm." I say, grinning. I centre myself facing North.

"Eeny mene mino mo," I begin, changing from north to east to south to west with each turn.

"West!" I shout as I finish the rhythm.

"Ok." She agrees, shrugging her shoulders.

 Twenty minutes later, we land in the clearing before the shed, grins on both our faces.  Lye is standing looking at us. With a quick glance to Avian, he steps back,

"The others are in the barn." He says before turning and heading to the barn.

Dissapointment flares in me. Does he not remember yesterday? does he not care? i slowly head after him, my grin faded as pain enters my heart. the urge to fly away and abandon all this is strong. But not strong enough to curge the need to know more about us.

The End

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