Icy Craters

Avian Loi

I tossed and turned in my sleep as images of the day kept flashing before my eyes. Images of Lye, Jack, the others, everything. I finally pushed myself out of my dreams and bolted up. I was sweating and I could feel my heart racing. The sky was still dark.

Far away, I heard the sound of the clock striking midnight. Twelve deeply sweet tones that rang softly through the sleeping city. I sighed and calmed down slightly as I let the bell tones wash over me. There was a faint whisper.

You’re 18 Avie.

I smiled. But as I relaxed, I realized that the air around me started to get cold. Much too cold for a summer night. I wasn’t complaining. After all, I loved the cold. Ever since I got my element, I became really tolerant of the cold and I haven’t worn anything thicker than my tattered black dress. I let the cool air tickle my skin. It was much better than the steaming hot air of summer. I never like summer. And hated it more after getting my element.

I lied back onto the ground when I felt surge of energy and a flash before my eyes. My eyes flew open in surprise, but I was temporarily blinded by the light. I felt myself land on the ground with a small thud and when I regained my eyesight, I was lying in a small crater.

I sat up, surprised. The crater was lined with blue ice that matched my wings. The ice was cut harshly into the dirt and glistened brightly, completely clear with and completely clean. The ice showed no signs of melting and glowed strongly. I looked down and almost jumped up in surprise. Little delicate swirls of frost decorated the ground around me. Wherever I touched, frost would grow out. A soft breeze blew. I heard another faint whisper.

Ice. Control the ice.

I slowly crawl up and face the ice the surrounded me. That was it! My weather was frost and snow. A smile slowly creeped over my face. I wasn’t so helpless anymore. I flew out of the crater and landed softly on the ground besides it, causing more swirls of frost where I landed.

Now what?

A thought flashed through my mind and I grinned mischievously.

An ice statue of Jack would be quite nice.

The End

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