Birdy and the Beast


A large bell rang, giving me a chance to escape Adelle's question. Brian jumped forward. “Follow me! He yelled, just as Avian took into the air looking rather distressed. I turned towards Lye and shot him an annoyed glare. I was sure her mood was his doing.

“The Farmer rings the bell for me every evening," Brian chimed. 

In spite of Adian's soar wing he snickered. “He rings a bell for you?”

Brian shrugged before taking to the air, we followed his lead. “He kind of thinks I'm an angel!” Brian yelled over his shoulder as we shot towards a barn. I smiled because who wouldn't think Brian was an angel?


I had never been in a barn before- it was glaringly obvious. Brian led us through a musty smelling, dirt floored area. There were pens ( or stalls as he called them) lining both sides of the walls. On one side cows, on the other side horses.

I shyed away from the watchful eye of a tall glaring horse, with very very wide nostrils and an even wider mouth under its smooth velvet snout. I sought solstice in the chickens' coup, located on the far side of the wall. The chickens, I figured were harmless, more so avian than I was, but not equip with the intelligence of a normal bird. As it was they were simple, just annoying, squawking, vile smelling, balls of feather.

Brian smiled at me . He motioned for me to come over and join the others with him in front of the Dinohorse's stall. I struggled to keep my face neutral and impassive. The first lesson I learned at Vesta Corp was that others fed off of fear, so I tried not to let mine show. I waved back at Brian. “ I'm cool. Just checking out these...chickens,” I mustered, though it was obvious I was out of my element.

Adelle grinned mischievously at me. Instinctively my hands balled into little fists. I felt my razor sharp talons begin to extend from my fingertips. It was an engineered trait, triggered by my own senses; fear and anger. I held my arms behind my back. I had yet to explain to the others that I was a partial bi-product of evil geniuses. I was, after all, trying to win them over. Adelle walked over to the now sleeping horse's stall, though her eyes stayed pierced on me, above her sly smile. Everyone else remained engaged in conversation, so they didn't seem to notice the exchange. She stood on her tip toes and reached over the horse-beast's stall.

Was she crazy?

Did she have some sort of death wish?

Why weren't they helping her?

Her now open palm made contact with it's nose. The horse's eyes shot open. This was it, I thought. It was going to take a nice bite out of her. Quickly I overcame my fear and lunged at Adelle. I knocked her onto the hard dirt floor.

The room grew quiet. Everyone's eyes were focused on me now. They were all slack jawed even Brian. The only one who wasn't was Adelle. She was laughing even though she just took a hard fall.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” I demanded. I was rewarded with more laughter from Adelle. “It was this close to eating your hand! Is that what you want? You want to be horse meat?” It was at this time of my frantic yelling, that I felt someone pry me off of Adelle.

“Horses don't eat meat,” Brian explained gently. “This here is old Dolly she is actually really tame,” He gestured to the horse and I felt my face heat up. I locked my eyes on Adelle. She did that on purpose. She was trying to embarrass me, to get to me and I had let her!

Suddenly I hated this large, wobbly, real world cage. I almost wished I was back in my old confinements. Angrily, I pushed past Brian, and shot to the top of the barn to catch my breath. There were no large beastly looking creatures up here, thank God.  

The End

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