Girl Problems

So if I got this right there was Avian and Adelle who I had started to get to know before the arrival of Aidan, Quinn and Brian.

It seemed like Brian was the sort of guy I usually hung out with while Aidan was loud and a bit rash. Although, this was just first impressions. When I had seen the huge hole in his wing though I felt I'd judge this guy too fast. He had some will and a hell a lot of pain resistance. Adelle straight away jumped into help him and I was amazed by her gift. It was... a bit magical and that was saying something when you were a winged earth controlling humanoid.

Back to the present though and the answer to Adelle's question about the pursuing men with guns. I was interested in the answer but Avian suddenly excused herself rushing into the nearby forest to the north of the farm.

"Hey!" I call as I catch up to Avian. "What's wrong? Don't you want to learn more?"

"Uh... No thanks..." she replied looking around nervously. "I think I need to go get something"

She gestured in the direction of the forest but I was starting to work this girl out. "Is it the crowd?" I frown and watch her nod. I feel a need to comfort her hit me a little. "You shouldn't be scared" I rushed out rocking back on my heels. "If anything happens I'll be watching your back"

"I-" She paused staring down at the ground. She was in deep thought and it gave this look to her face which was a bit breath taking. I finally got a chance to take in her feminity behind that cold hard shield she often seemed to put up."I just can't shake the feeling."

She steps close and tilts up face "Hey, its okay" I smile and offer a hug. I sort of blankly turned down as Avian turns away.

"I'm sorry." she choked out and flew off. I blinked confused.

I must have looked like a right weirdo stood there half heading one way and then half heading another.  "Is Avian alright?" Adelle's voice suddenly asked making me jump a little.

"Um, yeah, I think she just took a flight to cool off" I said starting to drift off into thought. A bad habit of mine really.

"Why now? Why here?" 

Adelle took a hesitant step closer and I almost found my eyes travelling over her. No, now was not the time. Besides why did I need to? I already knew what she looked like. So quickly I focused my mind. "I think she is just feeling overwhelmed. Don't you? Its a lot to take in"

"We all are I mean, have you ever found any of us before now?"

"No, I've sort of held myself back from making friends cause of it as well"

"It's not right. We shouldn't have to hide what we are!" she snaps out tears starting to form in her eyes from the anger and pain.

"Hey!" I said quickly walking over and brushing her tears away with a quick swipe of my thumb. "Its nothing to cry over" 

I gave her a sheepish smile which she returned with a gentle one. "Sorry, I know. We are better than them" 

I found a stray bit of hair and couldn't help but push it back behind her ear. As I moved to pull my hand back though my fingers moved over her cheek. "Its been hard though... Not allowing myself to get closed off. No one understanding"

"Same. But not any more. We have each other. We have kin." Adelle said her eyes lighting up with excitement that took my breath away. Her excitement almost seemed to grow and I could feel the earth thrum around me from the light and warmth.

"Each other..." I whispered and found myself leaning in. Found her lips drawing so close.


The loud call of the bird made me jump pulling back. The reality of what I was about to do rushing to my mind.

Adelle laughed nervously. "Suppose we should get back, see if we can find out more...?" she said trailing off and looking up into my eyes. She stayed so close waiting on my words. My actions. I couldn't though. Now I thought about it... I barely knew this girl.

I had been seduced by the freedom I would have to love her cause she was my own kind. I would have happily done it will Avian had she allowed me to get close. No, I couldn't take advantage of the emotions I had stirred withing Adelle. "Yeah, head back" I quickly said turning on my heels and moving back towards the farm.

Smooth move, Lye.

The End

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