Out of the corner of my eye, i see Aidan collapse to the ground, a bright red wing spurting out of his jacket. Without hesitation, I step forward towards him and, without my consent, my mouth opens,
"I think I may be able to help with the pain," I say to him, looking directly into his eyes, trying to portray trust and sympathy, "Please," I take another step towards him, "let me help you," 
A hesitant nod from Aidan brings me the further three steps needed to reach him. 
Taking in a deep breath, I reach out to the light surrounding us all, keeping us all alive, the sun.
"Close your eyes." I order everyone. Various versions of 'why' circle around them I roll my eyes.
"Because if you don't," I say, turning to face the rest, "your eyes may burn out." I finish with a sweet smile. 
I watch as everyone closes their eyes but, Lye manages to sneak in an eye roll beforehand.
When all eyes are firmly hidden behind respective eyelids, I turn back to Aidan and move over to his bright red wings.
Bringing on a little more power from the sun, I lift some of the surrounding shadows to cover my eyes, I curl my fist, centring the power of the sun into my palm, I open it to see a small ball of light floating above the hand. 
Slowly moving my hand over to the hole in the wing before me, I allow the light to heat up just fractionally, enough to crust over the edges of the wound, stop the bleeding. I then flatten my hand above the wound and force the light into it. Closing my eyes, I take the shadow away and cover the light on the wing.
Once free to do so, I open my eyes and look at the black mark where the hole was. Mission accomplished. 
"Alright. It's good to look now," I say, stepping back from Aidan's personal space. 
"It may hurt a bit, but flap your wings a little to get used to it" I instruct Aidan. 
He does as I say, wincing slightly at the pain but I can see it is a lot better than it was. 
"Now," I say, turning my gaze to Quinn, anger beginning to boil over the surface, "Why were people with GUNS following you? Who exactly are you? I think Aidan at least deserves an explanation." 

The End

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