Broken Wings

I turned to walk out of the cafe, following the others. I wasn't quite sure yet what I thought of any of them, but for now I definitely would need someone like me. Having a big hole in your wing isn't exactly something you can just take on over to the local emergency room.

As I reach the door, the girl behind me - a new girl who seemed to be at odds with the girld I'd observed earlier - jumped at the sight of my back.

"Whoa," she said, "what happened to YOU?"

"What?" I began, casually acknowledging the wound, "Oh, that? Didn't I mention that?" I looked at her carefully as I said, "I'll explain when we reach the farm. For now, suffice it to say that if we are going to be, um..." I glanced around at the other people in the room, "Traveling our way, I may need some assistance."

She looked at me, her face presenting a mix of horror and understanding, then said, "Okay. I'll wait until we reach the farm," and continued walking.

"That's probably best," I muttered as I held the door for her and the guy I had seen earlier in the woods.

With the boy's help - Brian, he introduced himself as - I reached the farm outside of town and approached the group from before.

The girl immediately turned to me and said, "So, let's hear it. What happened to your wing? Because it looks like you flew over a skeet shoot." She crossed her arms and stared at me, and several of the others looked at me with shocked and surprised expressions.

"Alright, well after you two took off in the woods," I said, pointing at Brian and his earlier companion, "that helicopter that was chasing you shot me down. I gave it a good run for its money though."

The girl from before immediately looked outraged. "You were following us? Why? How long?"

"Relax, I was just curious. I've never seen me...before. What was your name, again...?"

"It's Quinn." She glared at me before saying, "Fine. If you were just curious, why didn't you come talk to us?"

"Well, to be quite honest, I was kind of scared. Intimidated. Like I said, I've never seen my kind before, other than my father, and he wasn't exactly my favorite person."

"Alright, then...what was your name?" She asked.

"Aidan, Aidan Northcliff."

"Well, Aidan, I'm honestly not sure if I can trust you. You followed us, you hid from us, and you're just telling us this now?"

"Look, think whatever you want to think," I said, "but the fact remains, I've got a giant gaping hole in my back and I should probably get it looked at. Not exactly something I can go to the doctor's office for, right?"

"I suppose you're right," she agreed.


The others all looked at me oddly for a second, and then the introductions began. I tried to hide the pain my wing was giving me, but after several minutes of standing there through all of the introductions and the beginning of a discussion, it finally screamed out in pain. Without warning and without my consent, the wing snapped out from under my jacket. All of the others looked at me, some in shock and some with sympathy, as they realized the extent of the damage.

The End

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