I walked by Brian's side as we came up on the coffee shop entrance. I was determined to see this through. I was being drawn to the cafe like a bee to honey. I knew this was more than coffee, even more than the first time rush of going to a cafe and drinking coffee. No, there was something else...

A voice buried in the back of my conscience was foretelling of my future, sealing my fate. My pace increased. I broke off into a jog, probably leaving Brian to wonder what the hell was wrong with me, causing myself to wonder what the hell wasn't.

This is it. Their waiting! The voice urged

I stop abruptly, nearly causing Brian to fall backwards as he ran into me. “What is a matter?” he demanded.

I glanced over my shoulder to see him rubbing his forehead.

I wanted answers but I wasn't sure how to talk to my sub conscience or if it would even answer back, but I tried anyways. “Who's waiting?”

Brian blinked at me, he probably thought I was talking to him.

Slowly he shook his head. “I-I don't know.”

I paused in front of the entrance way. I cupped my hands around my eyes as I leaned against the glass panel of the door. I studied the people at the table, looking for anyone that looked suspicious. There could have been spies from Vesta corp following me for all I knew. Nobody fit that description. A couple tables were filled with conversing teenagers. One table had an older couple sipping their drinks gingerly and reading the newspaper. It seemed okay to enter the cafe. Nobody seemed to pose as a threat, even so I made a mental note of where the back entrance and emergency exit were.

“Are you alright?” Brian asked gently.

I was aware that I probably looked like a basket case. I nodded and did my best to manage a tight smile.

“ We should go in.” He smiled again. My heart pounded rapidly in my chest. I was a scared little rabbit.

“ It's going to be alright. I don't know why but I feel like we are supposed to be here, in this cafe at this exact time.” He admitted. “It's weird, I know-”

I shook my head. “It's not weird,” I said truthfully.

Before I could second guess myself any longer I pulled the door open. Hidden speakers played soft jazz music. The barista smiled politely at us from behind the counter. Our wings were glamoured, concealed from the public with the likes of magic. That’s right, magic.

Being an Avian species did have some perks. I'm sure the glamour was a defense mechanism that allowed us to blend and protect ourselves, lots of animals have traits like this. The only difference was ours involved deceit and human brain manipulation. I’m sure there was a science to the glamour, a logical explanation that I hadn't been offered. In rare cases there were glitches, scenarios when the glamour failed. Some people were strong enough to handle the information, others went insane from seeing our wings, or simply dismissed it with excuses; Too much sun, lack of sleep, God what are these meds doing to me? - type of deal.

The Barista asked us what we would like to order. Since I knew nothing about coffee or pastries I allowed Brian to order for me, and since I had no money on me whatsoever I allowed him to pay as well. We took our teas and muffins back to the small table area. Then I saw it; our reason for being here.

I nearly spilled my tea. Brian gave me a sidelong glance, before I motioned to the table of avian kids. They were concealing their wings either with a controlled glamour or bulky clothing. Amongst them was Adelle. Her eyes shot up when we approached them. A boy and a girl sat on either side of the table.

“You,” Adelle said narrowing her eyes at me.

I rolled my eyes. “You've been holding out on me Adelle. You gonna introduce us to the rest of the flock? Or maybe not- I did fail your little interrogation after all.”

Adelle stood up and pushed her chair away. She leaned over the table to face me. Besides me I felt Brian stiffen. Before Adelle could manage a snide little comeback, the bell on the door rang as another customer entered the cafe. Instinctively the five of us turned towards the sound.

There was number six.

A boy with dark red wings appeared distraught and tired. Not to mention extremely lost and confused. Join the club buddy.

He looked up. It took him a split second to find us. He didn't even bother ordering. He marched towards us. People started to gawk. I sat down and tugged on Brian's sleeve so he would do the same.

The End

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