Tense Doesn't Even Get Close

Okay, so leaving Adelle on her own was very impolite but when Avian had came rushing back in her composure obviously lost well I was worried. Then when that boy had approached her. Well she had looked like a deer caught in the headlights. "Problem here, Avian?" I said calmly as I stood next to her. 

I stood at least five inches above this other lad and we were staring it out so it came as a shock when Avian pressed into my arms. I blinked a little unsure as what to do before lightly putting my arms round her shoulders holding her. Right, so this was very odd. 

"I think you should leave" I stated to the guy across from me. 

He laughed hard and looked at me. "Yeah, right" he snorted at me with a look of arrogance to him.

"Well you can either walk of out here now with your pride intact or crawl out with no pride left to even scrounge from the dirt" I said very calmly and in a way so the threat was subtle in my tone but not in what I said. 

He scowled and opened his mouth to spit out a verbal retort but like all bullies they prayed on the weak. Easy targets and I wasn't being an easy target. "See you around, Avie" the guy said then left. The threat in his tone made Avian shake and she finally realised how she was burrowed almost desperately into me and yanked herself back. She brushed her face clear of tears as she gathered herself.

"Thank you" she rushed out looking up at me her strength back in her. Although she shook a little on her feet and I could tell she wasn't in any state to be travelling anywhere.

"Let me get you a tea and come sit down" I said lightly remembering her dislike of coffee. Avian nibbled on her lip seeming to preparing herself to leave. "Its just a cup of tea to calm you"

Slowly she nodded and I purchased her tea before talking her back to an almost brooding Adelle. She looked to Avian. "Hello" she said politely but then that curious glint to her eye appeared. Constantly curious this one. "You cause a lot of ruckus"

The way she said it was a bit blunt but Avian seemed to shrug it off. She was gaining back confidence every second her muscles tensing up in defense. "What of it?"

"We were discussing powers before you came over" I quickly jumped in trying to get rid of the thick tense feeling in the air. "I have earth and Adelle has light and darkness. What about yourself?"

Avian turned to look at me and a bit of the defensive attitude went out of her. Was I starting to gain her trust? I questioned. "Water" she said and sipped her tea.

"Intiguing" Adelle muttered and shifted in her seat in a way that said she was uncomfortable. Well, again what have I done?

The End

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