Relapsed Bullying

Avian Loi

I ran out of the shop quickly. Why was the boy there? And with another girl! For some reason I felt a pang of jealousy, but I quickly erased it. Jealous of a girl because of a guy? That was not going to happen. And that stupid coffee shop. When did it get so cheap? I could feel the anger welling up inside me, the shame, the embarrassment. All this fuss over a stupid 25 cents! All I wanted to do was waved my fist at the place in anger, but I couldn’t and wouldn’t. It would only attract more unwanted attention and have me labeled officially as insane.

Now what would mother do in this situation? I wouldn’t know, but it always seemed like a good question to ask and for some reason, I would always be able to think of a solution. I reached to grasp the familiar pendant of my mother that always hung around my neck. And that’s when I realize that it’s not there anymore.

tamade.” I swore softly. Where did I lose it? That thing was the only thing that I couldn’t lose. And now it’s gone. Great. I ran back to my camp in the forest and searched for it all over the place. I flew around the forest. Nothing. Where did it go? I was close to tears as I settled back in my camp.

Calm down Avie and think. Where could you have dropped it?

The cafe. Boom. The thought surged over me like a tidal wave. I must have dropped it there. I raced back to the place, now dripped in sweat and bursted into the cafe, accidentally slamming the door. Great. More attention. I walk over to the table I was sitting at and see the pendant lying there on the ground. So I was right. It was there. I gave a loud sigh of relief. Thank god. I bent down and picked it up. Just as I was about to leave, a shadow loomed over me.

“My my my... Who do we have here?” A cynical voice rang out behind me. I whirled around and was faced by a large boy, strong build, football player type kid. The voice was familiar.

“Jack...” I hissed instinctively and memories of the past bursted into view. He hated me and loved me. We “dated” if you wanted to call it that, but all he wanted was my body. When I refused, he made it his official job that make my life hell. And it worked.

“Do you still remember me my dear?” His voice dripped of poison honey.

“Don’t call me that!” I growled looking for a way out. I was stuck. Quite stuck.

“Why can’t I?”

I shivered as I stared into his hungry eyes. I squeezed my eyes shut when another more pleasant voice rang out.

“Problem here, Avian?” I opened my eyes and there stood the Lye kid beside me. My eyes welled up with tears as I fell into his arms. I didn’t care if he was a boy anymore, just get that bullied away from me.

The End

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