A storm is brewing

Landing the copter in the field was easy since I had done it so many times. Even having a girl sitting right next to me wasn't enough to keep me from setting it down nice and softly. As we started quickly walking toward town, I scanned the sky to see if we were being followed.

"Did you see the others? I saw another copter and another one of us back there. Do you know who they are?" I asked.

"No, but we should keep moving, just in case," Quinn said.

Maybe it's because I have never seen another one of us- well, besides Mom. She sure seems to be acting like it's expected for people to be chasing us for some reason. I wonder if she thinks I am leading her into a trap. If she ditches me, I don't know what I would do - knowing that there are others out there and then having them all just disappear into the shadows again, I'm not sure I could handle that.

We walked in silence until curiosity got the better of me. "Are you being chased or something?" I asked.

She stared straight ahead and ignored the question, "Where did you get that helicopter anyway?"

"A farmer lets me use that and his single-prop plane when I want, since I handle all his cropdusting under the table. I like machinery and am naturally good at flying, as luck would have it," I turned to look at her and saw her smirk. "He saw my wings one time. I think he might think I am an angel or something. In any case, he pretty much lets me do what I want."

"That's pretty convenient." she said. We resumed walking in silence.

Just be patient, stay with her and you'll figure out what's going on eventually. Keep your head down and ears open and don't make her mad, for crying out loud. I stole a sidelong glance at her face, she was gazing at something in the distance with an expression of deep thought. It's not like you meet girls like Quinn every day.

As we approached town, I thought about all the various places we could stop in for food. Chinese. Sushi. Deli sandwiches. You know what sounds really good for some reason? Some tea with sandwiches or something. Some black tea sounds perfect right now, which is kind of odd since I am usually a coffee drinker.

"Sandwiches and tea from the coffee shop okay?" I asked her.

"Yeah, that works," she said.

Despite my own concerns about making Quinn angry, I decided to keep probing, "Hey, so I don't know if you are keeping secrets from me or what, but I figure I'll just stick with you if that's okay. I don't exactly know any other ..," I motioned toward my back, " .. you know, angels or whatever."

She narrowed her eyes at me for a brief instant and then a smile spread across her face. Kinda like a sun rising. How does she do that?

"Yeah, Brian, that's cool. Just stay behind me and you'll be okay through whatever happens next," she opened the door the coffee shop, "After you."

I bowed my head and walked in. As I was passing her, she patted my shoulder which made me feel both strong and weak at the same time. Is this what destiny feels like? A storm is definitely brewing, I just wonder whether it will be a healing or a destruction we are about to fly through.

The End

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