Twenty-five cents

Lye Jackson

The door behind Adelle opened but swung towards us blocking the view of whoever came in. So I didn't see them straight on but only in the corner of my eye. They went over to the counter and didn't seem to look to this end of the cafe.

Meanwhile as I was distracted Adelle said something. "Hm?" I questioned focusing back on her. She frowned seeming annoyed and held her drink that little bit tighter.

 "I said, for the first male winged person I have met, yes." she says seeming a bit embarrassed. I smiled cheekily when I heard voices rise from a table, where the person who had just come in, my eyes being drawn over there again along with most of the cafe. I couldn't see their face but as they stepped back for a moment I finally saw the girl from earlier. Avian I think was her name. 

"Excuse me" I quickly said to Adelle and got up walking over.

"But I don't have 25 cents" Avian said seeming distressed.

"Then give me back the cup of tea or I will call in my manager" the worker replied. He was being a little harsh it was only twenty-five cents missing. 

"Here you go" I said leaning round Avian and placing it onto the counter. She turned to look at me her eyes widening seeming shocked to have found me here. I gave her a gentle smile then turned to the person behind the counter. "She's paid now right?"

They nodded allowing Avian and me to move off a bit. "Uh... Thanks?" she said seeming to not really want to with a squint to her eye that told me she was suspicious. I guess she wasn't the sort of girl who liked men coming to her rescue. 

"No problem" I said and glanced over my shoulder at Adelle. Her face was creased with a questioning frown as she glanced between me and Avian. I guess I had sort of abandoned her over there. 

"Who's that?" Avian said drawing my attention back to her. If I dug down to it I'd say she was disappointed but straight out she just seemed to be suspicious of Adelle the squint of her eyes remaining.

"She's, um, like us"

Avian's eyes widened a little and she looked at Adelle. "Another one?" she said in disbelief as her eyebrows raised up in surprise.

"Do you want to come sit with us?" I asked but she shook her head. "Oh, um, see you then" I then headed back to my table but heard movement behind me so glanced over my shoulder just in time to see Avian fleeing. Odd.

"Who was that?" Adelle asked.

"She's called Avian. I met her earlier in the woods before you. She's like us" I said twirling my spoon around in my cup not really focusing on what I was telling Adelle. Then again I guess she said something cause a moment later she prodded my hand.

"Earth to Lye?" she teased but it partially seemed weak for a reason I dared not delve into thought over with the fear of drifting off into thought and missing her words again. "I said, why didn't she come over?"

"I don't know" I muttered actually finding myself to very interested in this suspicious aspect of Avian. "I did invite her but she's intriguingly a suspicious person"

"Intriguing?" Adelle questions her shoulders tensing that tiny bit. I nodded to which Adelle merely hummed and I swear things were getting tenser by the second. For what reason I didn't know but I was regretting having gone over to help Avian.

The End

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