An End and a Beginning

Aidan Northcliff

As I soared through the outskirts of town, the best way to describe my emotional state was...chaotic. I was currently blinded by euphoria, as I always was when airborne, but I was also painfully conscious of a deep sorrow with a bit of anger mixed in. Once again I had failed to measure up to the expectations of my parents. Well, if I wasn't good enough for the Northcliff legacy, boo-hoo. I didn't really want my name associated with them anyway.

Coming back out of my reflection to the present, I saw a great landing point up ahead. I'd covered a pretty good distance, and as I descended I froze. What was that --? In the next clearing...I could have sworn I had just seen something amazing. I then remembered to flap again to stay in the air before regaining speed and surging over to the clearing where I had seen the odd couple. I landed quietly on the opposite side of the field and quickly folded up my wings, backing into the shadows. I observed them carefully.

Wow. Others. Just like me. I wasn't a freak! I continued to watch them, cracking open a can of coke and taking a long sip. I definitely needed the refuel at this point. The two other winged people appeared to be...doing some kind of dance? I think I had seen bluebirds doing something similar during No way.

I used my fire to burn up the can, wasting a whole grand five cents. Oh no. So terrible.

Then, just about the time I set the burning chunk of aluminum down, I heard the sound of a helicopter approaching. The girl with bright colored wings looked distressed and the two ran. I leaped to follow them, then remembered I hadn't yet revealed myself. Now was probably a bad time to pop out of nowhere, so I followed them through the shadows in the trees, barely keeping up, until they reached...a helicopter of their own. And took off. In a helicopter?

And yet they had wings of their own. Whatever. So, I leaped into the sky and spread my wings, following them.

It was quite difficult, considering the hurry they were in to get away. Soon enough, the pursuing helicopter appeared and grew closer. At first, I dropped back to let it pass.

But then as I dropped back, so did the chopper. What was going on here? Soon after that, the helicopter seemed to switch targets, coming after me instead of the other two winged folks. Brilliant.

So this is how I die, I thought before taking off at full speed to catch up to my fellow bird-people-freak-things. I had never worked out a name for my kind, figuring that my dad and I were just freaks.

Now I would never know.

The End

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