Adelle Rounder

“Your not real, their not real,” The other girl replays, staring wide eyed at my wings. I feel offence rush threw me, how dare she say I am not real when quite clearly, she has wings of her own? I look down, half expecting myself to disappear, to realise I, as an actual fact, do not exist but I stay. The same dark purple top sits over my chest. Still there. 
The girl laughs, I look up in confusion, is she insane?
"I mean your wings Einstein" she tells me. 
I can't stop the gasp that escapes me, no one but my mother has ever noticed the wings before. She can see them, how?
“You can see them?" I say nervously, expecting her to laugh in my face. 
For some reason or other, she puts her head in her hands and pauses for a moment, seemingly deep in thought. 
She covers her mouth right as my own hand covers mine. This is real. This is really another person like me. I can not believe my luck at having landed on another. I am not alone in the world any more. 
Her hand, shaking slightly moves from her mouth, extending to mine in a handshake gesture. 
"Quinn Laurent," She tells me, her light green eyes widening a fraction more.
"Adelle Rounder," I reply brightly, extending my own hand to lift her off the dirt. 
"How old are you? How long have you had the wings?" I ask in a rush, somewhat bewildering her. 
"18" she replies sharply, a slight defensive state entering her eyes and stance. "What about you?"
"17. Gonna be 18 in half a year." I tell her, hoping if I am light, she will lower out of her stance which is worrying me slightly. 
"And how long have you had them?" She asks, referring to my wings. 
"They fully developed a week after I turned 16," I answer, moving back to avert from the cautious eyes. "How about you?" I ask, hoping for a reply. 
"For as long as I remember." She answers me slowly. "Do you have a..." She pauses, seeming to reprimand herself. 
"A what?" I ask her curiosity having had gotten the better of me after a grand total of ten seconds silence. 
"Control over an element?" She asks, a slight blush entering her cheeks, her eyes unable to meet mine. 
"Well I can manipulate light and shadows, does that count?" 
"Yeah, suppose." She says, her eyes still looking anywhere but mine. 
"Are you ok?" I ask her, kind of rudely. 
"Yes. Of course, why wouldn't I be?" She says sharply, her eyes flashing to mine in a sudden, defensive anger. 
"Well I'm sorry for trying to be nice." I say full of sarcasm, my own anger quickly rising at her sudden defensiveness. It's not like I am going to hurt her. 
"It is none of your business if I am or aren't alright." She says, stepping back, eyes glinting in anger. 
<I>go away. </I> a voice which sounds an awful lot like Quince's said in my head. I felt an impulse to fly away, she doesn't deserve my attention, wings or not. 
With an angry snarl, I push my wings down and jump up into the air, lifting further up, I glare back down at Quince who looks a little hurt as well as relieved. 
"Goodbye. Nice meeting you." I say sarcastically before breaking through the greenery and feeling the light of the sun on my back. I turn around, lifting up some shadow from above to hide me, and fly around, looking for another clearing to settle in. 
A little while later, my back muscles begin to strain, spotting a slight break in the greenery above, I rush forward and start to lower myself before I see the impossible. 
Below, as I float slowly down, I find my self looking at the top of a dark, russet haired guy with almost identical coloured wings spread out behind him. 
I land behind, him, making a loud snap as I break a twig. 
The guy half turns around, examining the area around him,
"Hello?" He asks, still looking around. 
I suddenly realise I am still shrouded by shadow and quickly send it away, it slowly, almost reluctantly, fades off my body. 
"Hey!" I say brightly, grinning at the sight of another winged human. Happiness exceeds me, I am unable to hold it in as a grin plasters itself on my face. 
He blinks slowly before replying, "Hi?" another question. My happiness is still here there despite his confusion. 
"Fancy seeing you here!" I say brightly before I realise how weird that would sound, he wouldn't know me. That was not the right thing to say. "Sorry, that was rude," I saw a lot slower this time, containing my hyperness. "I'm Adelle, who are you?" I ask him, staring into his dark brown eyes, so different compared Quinces. 
He looks at me a little longer With a look of confusion fixed on his face. 

The End

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