Avian Loi

I woke up that morning lying next to the creek. Its water was lapping gently at my left hand. How did I get there? I swore I was on the tree last night. I rolled over and pushed myself off the ground, leaving barely any imprint in the leaf covered ground. The creek. I sighed. My element was water. But that didn’t mean I had to be around water all the time. Right? I crawled over to the river where I stared at my own reflection.

I had gotten skinnier, my black hair was slightly tangled and dirt covered my face. I bent down to wash it off. The water was cold but refreshing. I sighed once more before standing up. My wings, folded up against my back while I slept, now extended themselves. My black tattered dress billowed loosely as I lept into the air and went for a morning jog in the sky. I soared around the forest and zigzaged through the trees. This was where I felt free. No more bullies, no more jerk brothers. The only thing I missed from my old life was my mother. She died two days after my birth and all that I remembered of her was a song she used to sing. How I remembered it was still a mystery to me.

The willow drips and drops with dew.

Her tears fall softly, swift and sad.

The river comes to carry them.

Away and far to other lands.

Across the sea the journey runs,

Crystal clear in oceans flow.

Holding tears of simple ones.

Away and far to other lands.

Away and far to other lands...

But the rest I no longer remembered. I suppressed a sob that always seemed to bubble up whenever I thought of mother. I must be strong. No longer will I be bullied. I have wings now.

While I flew, I spied another person, a boy, in the forest. Suddenly a tornado came out of nowhere and hit me, sending me spiraling towards him.

“Watch out!” I dove down trying to dodge him but still pushed him over. We collided and it was after a short conversation that we got back up again. I learned that his name was Lye and that he had wings too. But men were not to be trusted and so I squinted at him suspiciously even after we gave each other our names.

“How can you do that?” I asked him after he explained that his element was earth.

“Do what?” The Lye kid asked me.

“The tornado thing.”

“I don’t know. I can just do it.” He gave me a quick glance.

“I wish I could." I mumbled to myself, but he seemed to hear it

“You don't have one?”

"No." I shook my head.

"Interesting..." He trailed off and looked deep in thought. There was a silence before he broke out of it and looked at his watch. “I'm going to be heading off.” He paused for a moment contemplating on something. "Do you want to go for a coffee or something?"

"Uh. No thanks." I shook my head. I never liked coffee. Tea was much better. I watched him until I suddenly remembered about a bear trap that was right behind him.

“Careful!” I yelled lunging at him and pushed him over again. We landed in a familiar position again. He stared at me with bewildered eyes.

“Sorry.” I panted. “Bear trap.”

I picked up a stick and was about to throw it at the trap, but he stopped me.

"I know."

We stared at each other until suddenly something overcame me, turning my face beat red. I pushed myself up and ran away.

One boy was too much to deal with.

The End

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