Lye Jackson

"Lye! Lye! Wait!" 

A voice called me back as I was moving out of the orphanage for the last time. I turned round and saw Miranda racing out stopping before me with tear filled eyes. Her chest was rising and falling as she gasped for air to fill her lungs.

"Don't go" she choked in a voice that was touching. I knew why she was asking though. I had always know that Miranda had a crush on me but to me she felt like a sister. Could you imagine thinking about being in love with your sister? I found myself rubbing my finger tips together as I trailed off in thought. Miranda reached out taking my free hand between hers. "Please, Lye. Don't go.... I-I-"

"I have to, Miranda" I said pulling my hand from her grip. "I can't stay here any longer"

"Why not? What about me and Charlie?" she said bringing in her younger brother who always  came to me when the others were picking on him.

"Charlie's becoming a big boy now" I said pulling my hand from her grasp watching the heartache shatter over her face. "You will both be fine"

I moved to turn and leave again which is when she took hold of me. I watched her try and move to kiss me but put my hands on her shoulder pushing her back. I kept my stance calm and saw her look down ashamed. I felt a bit guilty but she had brought that upon herself by pushing the point.

"Goodbye, Miranda" I said then quickly went down the steps before turning to walk down the street. I felt my wings beginning to ache hidden under my jacket. I had gotten use to having them cramped against my back day by day but usually I snuck up to the roof of the orphanage early in the morning and spread them wide. This morning I hadn't got the chance being woken early and told to pack my bags.

So here I was wondering along the streets in search of a forest area which should be close by. I stopped at a crossing and heard some giggling behind me. Glancing over my shoulder I saw a group of girls sneaking glances at me. Focusing back on crossing the road I felt my normal crooked smile slip onto my lips. The cars came to a stop and I crossed over. 

Moving down the streets I soon found a forest which I burrowed deep into setting myself up in the heart of it. Shrugging off my jacket my wing burst out the little auburn being lit up red by the light seeping in through the leaves. Sitting down against a tree I sighed closing my eyes as I enjoyed the feel of everything. How the tips of my wings brushed the earth bonding me to my element and how the wind blowing the tops of my wings bonded me to my weather.

I laid my hands flat on the earth and then clenched my hands. I didn't care that dirt slid under my fingernails or smugged onto my palms. Earth was my element and the feel of it calmed me. 

It was weird having wings but being so grounded to the earth. Although my weather was the tornado a huge gust of air swirling round and round dragging particles up into the air. So in a way I was bonded to both the earth and sky. Opening my eyes I got to my feet picking up my coat and shoving it into my bag. I started to wander through the forest and played with my weather as I did.

I'd only had it for a few months and occasionally they grew to big or dispersed very quickly. I flicked one out watching it go up above the trees. I cursed and made it disperse.

"Watch out!" a voice screamed.


I thought this a moment before a body came colliding with my causing me to fall back with the other body upon me. I shook my head clear and looked up at deep brown eyes similiar to my own but without the grey. "Hi" I said finding my hands resting on her waist then feeling something brush them.

I look over her shoulder and see startling frost blue with flecked with the shades black, grey and white. She saw my wings to. "You're..."

"You are too" I muttered which is when I realised we were still on the ground her lying upon me like a lover. "We're sort of...."

"Oh, y-yes" she said and scrambled to her feet her cheeks pink a little but she soon flicks her hair over her shoulder and fold her arms watching me with a sharp gaze. "Who are you?"

"Lye" I said getting to my feet and not bothering to brush the earth from my clothes. "What is your name?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"Why should you not?" I retorted. She hesitated a few seconds watching me with a skeptical gaze. 

"Avian but call me Avie"

"Nice to meet you, Avie" I muttered looking up and down her graceful body. Nice to meet you indeed.

The End

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