New Discoveries

My eyes widen as Irealize what he andI have just done. In front of the entire human race. We have shown ourselves and in doing so have betrayed what we are. With a deep breath, I open my mouth to start on a resolution that will forever chnge the thoughts of the gaping humans before us...
Avian Loi, Brian Dittman, Adelle Rounder, Aidan Northcliff, Lye Jackson and Quinn Laurent all have two tings in common. The are homeless in New York and they all are (still to come up with name) when they upo

Adelle Rounder

With a grin I accept my card from the machine slot. My Mother and Father have topped it back up again eventhough I had spent almost £3000 and they had chucked me out the house, they still cared.

With a newfound grin on my face, all the previous worry gone, I walk into the nearest supermarket and wander around picking up various necessities those being; a pack of 6 Red Bull, a notebook and a pen.

After having them paid for, I set out for what New York is famous for; its woodlands. I do not care for the shopping.

Having wandered around the noisy, polluted, busy streets for around twenty minutes, i find what seems to be a decent amount of woodland.

With another grin, I cross the road and enter the woods feeling the calmness of the trees immediately enter my system.

But, having gone twenty feet, I reach the other end. It is too small I realize in dismay.

I backtrack to a little clearing, put my items in my small light blue backpack and let my wings out.

The light brown feathered wings willingly spread out from my body, the ache of being in one position for the last hour blissfully leaving them as they stretch out to their full lengh, three feet long each side, six feet in total of light, golden brown feathers.

after allowing them to flap for a minute, i jump up and flap down hard, feeling the muscles pull at my back. After three more flaps, I am at the top of the trees.

With another few flaps, I am out of the reach of trees and immediately pull upon my natural instincts, I call some light from the sun to cover me so no one looking up can spot me flying. With the cautions out of the way, I climb up higher in search of bigger woods.

As the air blows below me, the wonderful, elated feeling of absolute freedom rushes threw me as I start to twirl threw the sky, narrowly avoiding a crow in the process.

After who knows how long, I spot a good twenty akre wood in the distance and head towards it the elated feeling growing steadily stronger.

After finding a secluded part in the middle of the wood, I settle at the bottom of a large tree and close my eyes whilst taking a sip of Red Bull, needed to replace the energy lost from flying.

I start to feel drowsy as weariness overtakes the euthoria and my eyes start to droop as I sit in the muck under a tree in a random wood in New York.

                                                                        * * *

A thump on the ground near me jolts me from my slumber as I remember my wings are lying flat out behind me, liable for any human to see. stupid, careless idiot! I curse myself as I look up to see light blue and purple wings with dark blue tips protruding from the other persons back.

"What?!" I screech in shock of seeing another like me, at the knowledge I am not alone in the world.

The girl turns around she looks about a year older than me, about eighteen. Her hair hangs down the sides in long brown locks with slight blonde streaks racing through it.

"Who are you?" I ask her. Real smooth Adelle, I hiss at myself, way to welcome the only other person who is like you, scare her away with your rudeness. Real smooth.


The End

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