So Over This Sh**Mature

i dont trust you or your motivations. you say leaving was the best thing for you,but what about me? have you thought of the nights i spent crying because you were like the others, another face that would only continue to exist in my memories. did you think for one single minute how much it hurt me? you couldve talked to me told me explained to me the things that were bothering you. "i was messed up back then" yea, i know. i was too, and i had been hoping i could get through the bullshit with you. i had trusted you with my biggest secrets, gave you my all, cut myself into small tiny pieces that i knew you could accept. i dint ask for your love, just offered mine. didnt ask for you to give me the world, but fucking offered you that shit on a silver platter. we spent entire days, entire fucking nights, just talking and dwelling in each other's company and in the end the "best' thing for you to do was leave the person who actually cared about you? the best thing was for you to leave no explanation, no anything? you're right- you messed up back then. and i really dont know what you want from me. i cant trust you- nothing is ever going to be like it used to.

forreal forreal shit didnt even have to get to this level. you've brought me to the point that i'm turning my back on you for good- I'm not fucking with your bullshit anymore. whatever we had,couldve had,wouldve had, shouldve had- it doesnt mean shit anymore. just more of your lies. im just so over this shit.

The End

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