A short little thing I wrote in celebration of snow finally coming.... XP

It finally snowed today. Three days after Christmas, Mr. Weather finally decided to send in his late Christmas present, the snow. There wasn’t a lot of snow, but it was a sufficient amount. At least enough to kill your brother with. Well. Not exactly kill. But you get the point.

Right after lunch (which, for your information, was stuffed down our mouths), we all rushed to dress for the snow. Well, I rushed to dress for snow. I don’t know about my brothers, but I did. I was not ready to walk onto a battlefield ill prepared with improper equipment.

As usual, I wore the long pink jacket I had that made me look absolutely hideous. It was a bright ugly pink and caused me to look like a fat old fool. I also had my blue snowman face Santa hat I got for Christmas because that totally doesn’t look weird. In addition to that, I had on sweatpants and cowboy boots. We can all come to the conclusion that I looked like an absolute idiot, like I cared. When one goes to battle, one’s appearance does not matter just as much as how prepared one is. On the plus side, I had chances to sneak attack while people laughed at me (though the unfortunate fact is, that never happened).

The first snowball was thrown at me. It was a sneak attack. Thrown by my brother. Of course.

My brother, being the stupid person he is, rushed outside with nothing but a light jacket. I was surprised he didn’t freeze his butt off. But he got there first. So when I finally stepped outside all wrapped up, I was faced not by the amazing happiness of finally seeing snow but by the annoying reality of seeing a snowball flying towards my face. I dodged and it hit the car behind me. Awwww shucks. My brother was going to wish he didn’t do that.

Minutes later, I was running after my brother, who was screaming like an idiot (who’s the idiot now my friend?) launching snowballs at him like a catapult. Ok. Fine. That didn’t happen. It was more like I threw a snowball and hit my brother’s face, successfully taking him out for a second in which I took the time to gather more snow for another snowball. He glared at me murderously as he ripped off his glove and wiped saliva that was splattered all over his face (don’t ask me what the heck his mouth was doing) as if he were a celebrity. He put his glove back on. Suddenly, he grabbed a handful of snow, rubbed it in my face and then turned and ran. Oh yes. The game was on.

We ran all around the yard trampling everything in our way shooting snowballs with our AK-47’s. Well, actually, there were no guns involved. You see, we were a little underaged to legally own guns. So, instead, we used the handy contraption called (Drum roll please. I can’t hear you. Louder! You guys have no arm strength! Get your drum rolls right! Use the stupid drum! Not your head! Yes, that thing right there is a drum. Yes. Now hit it. No, not that hard! That thing is expensive! Ugh... Never mind) a hand! If you didn’t know before, these things work pretty well and the best thing is, they don’t jam! Wow, amazing!

“Ha! I hit you!”

“Gocha! And in the face!”

“Wow, you suck.”



“I’m gonna kill you!!!”

So we created quite a mess slinging compressed snow at each other while shooting insults back and forth, completely destroying the serene scene of new fallen snow. Footprints were scattered across the yard and snow was scattered all over the place. The end happened when I finally killed my brother. No, actually I didn’t. We came to a truce. And silence resumed. For now.


The End

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